Your Window View

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Window ViewWindow View

The Window View from our hotel room on a visit to Savannah Georgia. The Window View one gets can vary from room to room. Window Views can consist of many different things: the water, the city, the pool, or the parking lot. Lets be honest no one really wants a view of the parking lot:). We too look at the world or people in a Window View. So very often we may see the world or people in a very narrow view, just a small portion of a much larger picture. There is a much bigger picture than just a Window View. Only when you leave your hotel room and explore the city do you get a greater sense of what a place is all about. The same is true of people, for so very often we view others from a very small window. It is only when we get to know the person and hear their story, do we get a greater sense of who they are as a person. Every person has a story. Enjoy the Window View you have, but just realize there is a much bigger picture of a city, of the world, and of people beyond YOUR WINDOW VIEW!

Life Is As A Bed Of Roses

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Bed of RosesBed of Roses

It can be said: Life is as a bed of Roses. Roses are a thing of beauty, with delicate petals and a pleasant smell. When we see Roses we think of love, friendship, and romance. However, just below all this beauty there are thorns and if you pick the flowers you must deal with the thorns. If you think about it, that is Life as we know it too. We are surround by so much beauty and just underneath, there are the thorns. Life does give us a choice. Do we focus on the Roses or do we focus on the thorns? It is the choice each one of us has to make, for you see "LIFE IS AS A BED OF ROSES!"

Happy Accidents

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What do you do when you live in an Apartment and you have a Giant Yard Snowman? You put it out on your balcony anyways and it is a Happy Accident. There are times in life when we make mistakes, but we improvise and make the mistake work to our advantage. A quick look at the history of inventions shows us that some of the greatest inventions were actually happy accidents. Some were Penicillin, X-rays, post-it notes, ink jet printers, and vulcanized rubber just to name a few. Look at Life this way: You make a mistake, it could be a 'HAPPY ACCIDENT!

The Wisdom of Graffiti

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Walking down the steep old Historic Steps to the Savannah River, one can see warning signs that the steps are steep and are hard to walk down. The sign warns of this, but the graffiti artist adds a more realistic warning to the true experience of the steps. Cities may distain Graffiti, but Graffiti can at times better reflect the true experience of the public at large. It is a self expression that can often express what people really encounter in a given situation or express a true feeling of society that may lack a path for self expression. Graffiti may be looked upon as vandalism, but often it is a deep self expression of a segment of society. Reading Graffiti can often be amusing and funny, it can lead to us asking some of the same questions. "THE WISDOM OF GRAFFITI!

Steps Of History

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Cobblestone StreetCobblestone Street

Above is an image of the Cobblestone Street in Savannah Georgia Historical District. This street has seen so much history and so many lives have walked its path. There are so many places where you can feel the history of the area. There is so much we can learn from the past. These Historical Sites speak of the ups and downs of life. They speak of famine, plagues, war, reconstruction, development, art, culture, and they give a sense of identity. Historical Sites must be preserved from our over development, other wise the streets will be empty and silence the "STEPS OF HISTORY!