Footprints In Snow

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Footprints in Snow (1 of 1)Footprints in Snow (1 of 1)

We leave Footprints everywhere we walk. We leave them in the sand on the beach, and we leave them in the snow. They disappear pretty quickly in the sand where they are quickly covered up or washed away. However, the snow is different, for if it stays cold the footprints can remain for quite awhile. The impact of our lives are those footprints left behind. Will our lives be like the footprints in the sand which quickly disappears or will our footprints be like the ones left in snow on a cold day which will last awhile before they disappear? The path we choose to walk in life will determine what footprints we leave behind for others. Choose the path which your footprints lasts the longest: "FOOTPRINTS IN THE SNOW!"

The Struggle To Survive

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Snow Seedling (1 of 1)Snow Seedling (1 of 1)

Above is an image of a young seedling covered in snow. It must survive the brutal winter if it is going to make it as a full grown tree. The struggle to survive is something all things face. Everyday life wakes to a new day and it must survive to the next day. We face our daily struggles, some bad, some not as bad as we think, and when we think our struggles are bad, there is always someone who struggles more than we can even imagine. Struggles are a part of life and we have to learn to weather whatever life may throw at us. We are not alone for all living things face "THE STRUGGLE TO SURVIVE!"

The Desire To Be Heard

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Christmas Tree (1 of 1)Christmas Tree (1 of 1)

  We all have an uncanny desire to be heard. Birds sing, dogs bark, cats meow, and all animals make some sort of sound. We for our part make speeches and we write. The number of Blogs on the internet is proof of our desire to be heard and voice our opinion. It seems we can tolerate silence for so long and then we burst out to be heard. The problem with being heard is someone has to listen and that seems to be our main problem. We become so focused on what we want to say, we forget to listen. It is in the wisdom of silence that we first learn to listen, only then when  we let our voices ring that we have the voice of wisdom in what we say. As we begin a New Year forget about the weight loss resolution for a moment and learn to listen in silence, then when we speak, what we have to say may reflect the wisdom of our silence. We will never lose our desire for speeches and blogs for we all possess "THE DESIRE TO BE HEARD!"

New Year: The Past - The Future

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Christmas Tree (1 of 1)Christmas Tree (1 of 1)

Happy New Year! We measure the passing of time in years. We mark history in B.C. or A.D. and time is measured in years. However, time continues on and we just label and measure it in Years. The New Year is a time we look back - The Past-. We look at how our lives have changed in a years time, major life events, the passing of family and friends. Next, we look forward - The Future -. The changes we hope to make and that our life will get better in the New Year. Life does not move back but always forward. The best we can do in the New Year is make positive changes and hope life doesn't catch us off guard with those unexpected twists and turns. New Year's let us celebrate our past and celebrate our movement forward to the future. HAPPY NEW YEAR!  

Prepartation Is Life

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Christmas Tree (1 of 1)Christmas Tree (1 of 1)

Doesn't it seem that as much a we prepare and get ready for the Holidays, they come and go too quickly? Christmas and Hanukkah have passed and now we await a New Year. Before we know it, New Year's Day will be behind us and we will be in a new year. If you really think about it so much of life is preparation and the events we prepare for go much too quickly. Your High School Graduation, your College Graduation, and if you got married, and the wait and anticipation of waiting for that day and then all too quickly it is all over. Preparation is the rhythm of life and if we are alive we are preparing for something. Trees and flowers grow and prepare to seed, animals prepare for the seasons, we constantly prepare for each event we have coming up in life. "PREPARATION IS LIFE!"