Sweet 16: Surprise! Surprise!

April 24, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Last Saturday TMesick Photography had the honor of photographing Samantha on her Sweet 16 Party Day. It was a surprise party where she just thought the Limo was taking her friends and her out to dinner. Instead she was driven around and taken back to her house where a "Surprise Party" of friends and family were waiting for her. She was totally surprised by the change in venue. The image above is Samantha getting ready to leave in the Limo. A Happy "Sweet 16" Birthday! Surprise! Surprise!

A Seed That Falls To The Ground Will Sprout

April 21, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

A Seed that falls to the ground will sprout. The seed's first journey after it emerges from the pod, is it has to find a way to the ground. The wind may blow it, it may be knocked to the ground by something, or carried on something passing by. If the seed does not make it to the ground it cannot sprout and grow. The ground is where it must become what it was meant to become.  In life we too must find our ground to become what we were meant to become. We spend most of our lives trying to make that journey. Today examine what your ground might be and find a way to get to that place today.

The Key To Spirituality: Emptiness

April 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The key to Spirituality is Emptiness that we experience in our lives. We are not talking about Religion, but the Spirituality that is innate in all of us. In Eastern thought it is a key componet in any of their spiritual systems. In Western thought it may not be emphasized, but it is a key componet behind the scenes. In Christianity the followers of Jesus do not experience the Resurrection until they experience the Empty Tomb first. It is the emptiness of the tomb that allowed his followers to see and come to the enlightment of the Resurrection. In Western thought only by traveling thru the darkness can you come to the light.  In our lives we have the blackness and the darkness of emptiness all around us in our world. Emptiness also lives in the core of our hearts. It is by traveling thru this darkness that we come to the light of our Spirituality. The Key to Spirituality is Emptiness

Our Symbiotic Relationships

April 14, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

A Symbiotic Relationship is between two organisms where each benefits from the other in the relationship. Above is an image of an Air Plant attached to a tree. The Air Plant is an Epiphyte, where it lives off of air but uses the tree to keep it off the ground and better it's existence. This is an example of a Symbiotic Relationship where both organisms have a mutual benefit from the other. We do not like to think of our Relationships as Symbiotic, but many times we find ourselves in such mutual relationships. There is something inherent about life where one thing benefits from another. It can be found in business, in our work, and in our schools. What we learn from our Symbiotic Relationships is life is interconnected and in the end we all need each other to help get us thru living in this world.

The Most Colorful

April 10, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Above is an image of a Male Painted Bunting, one of South Florida's most colorful Birds. It's color makes one take notice whenever it is seen. We all know people who qualify as "The Most Colorful", those people who stand out and capture our attention whenever we see them. They make us laugh, smile, and engage us in life. The "Most Colorful" make our world a little more interesting and have the power to brighten our day. You maybe one of those people or you may not, however, no matter if you are or are not, enjoy and appreciate "The Most Colorful's" in your life.