Reflections Of Ourselves

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We so often show others "Reflections Of Ourselves". It is not our whole true selves, but parts of who we really are. There are times when we will show someone more of who we are and times when we show someone less of who we are. It all comes down to our issues of hurt, rejection and vunerability that we are afraid to completely open ourselves up. It is in that framework where we decide how much of ourselves for someone to see and encounter. It comes to our sense of trust to show a little of who we are or alot of who we are. The choice is ours when it comes to REFLECTIONS OF OURSELVES.


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Above is an image of a Peephole into a construction site where graffiti has been scrolled on the walls. Peepholes are tiny holes in doors and walls that allow us to see without being seen. Peepholes, also, have a reputation of a Creep Factor, where people are watched in intimate personal moments without realizing it. We, even though we may not know it, have Peepholes in our lives where we normally let the people close to us see a side or thought of ourselves usually not seen. It is a side of ourselves that we keep behind closed doors or walls. Peepholes allow a rare glimpse of our deepest self and it should be us who allows the Peep not in a Creep Factor moment.

Visiting The Past

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Just a weekend ago, my wife and I attended her 40 year High School Reunion in downtown Miami, Fl. She grew up there and I was living there some 30 years ago.  It is funny how some things have not changed and how other things have changed, that is how Visiting The Past always plays out. Some things in our lives have changed and other things in our lives have not. The past is the root from where we come from and those roots remain with us all of our life. However, the past is the past and life moves forward with things changing and growing around us. In life we must be rooted in the Past, live in the Present, and plan for the Future. Remember your roots by VISITING THE PAST.

Simplicity Of Love

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Love is really a simple thing. It is opening ourselves to others and the world around us. However, when we are hurt or rejected, we retract into ourselves and Love becomes complicated, as we see in books, poems, novels, movies and now in social media comes into play. Love must be outgoing from ourselves, for if it turns inward it becomes narcisssim. Love does not have to be complicated, but just simply expressed like carving you Love on the bark of a tree trunk (image above).  Love just need to be expressed very simply. That is the SIMPLICITY OF LOVE.

Photowalk 2014

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This Saturday was the Scott Kelby's 2014 World Wide Photowalk, where photographers around the world take a photowalk in cities and places in their areas. My Photowalk took place in Miami Beach, Fl. and the above image is from the Holocaust Museum located in Miami Beach. If you have never done a Photowalk, you should think about doing it next year. It does not matter what kind of camera you have whether it's a DSLR or a phone camera. You can explore a local area, meet nice people, and see sites you never knew existed in your area. So next year explore, learn, and by all means do a photowalk.