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Do you remember as a kid all the detrimental name calling that would go on. I know as a kid, I was often called "Birdbrain" denoting some form of stupidity. We all know kids can be cruel. It's funny though as young children we start off as loving and accepting everyone unconditionally. As we get older and start to compete and compare ourselves to others, we begin to tear and put others down. This pattern progresses right on thru adulthood. Yet, so much of our desired behavior is to return to that unconditional acceptence of others. Realize we are all Birdbrains at one time or other. Don't be a BIRDBRAIN, accept people into your life unconditionally.

Standing Out From The Crowd

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Above is an image of an Egret in the reeds. The Great White Egret stands out from the crowded background. In life, we are told we have to stand out from the crowd. Whether its our business or at school or at our jobs, we are told in order to be noticed, we have to stand out from the crowd. If we look at the world around us, there is a choice every living thing must make: to stand out from the crowd or remain unseen from the crowd. A flower with its bright colors and floral scent stands out in order to be pollinated. A chameleon may change its color to blend into the background to remain unseen. We must make that same choice based on our nature and personality. Movie Stars and Sports Athletes stand out from the crowd, only later seeking anonymity. Others may seek a life of solitary and reclusion, keeping out of the mainstream. However, how you live your life is ulitimately up to you to seek, what is your choice on STANDING OUT FROM THE CROWD?

Watching & Waiting

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Above is an image of a Belted Kingfisher, it watches and waits above the water and when it spies a meal, it will swoop down into the water to get the intended prey. We may not have the patience of the Kingfisher, but we spend an enormous amount of time watching and waiting. Just think of the time you spend waiting for a seat in a Restaurant or the time you spend waiting to see the doctor. We like our little friend spend our time Watching and Waiting. This time spent watching and waiting does not have to be a waste, because even though the Kingfisher looks like it is not doing anything, it is very aware of its surroundings. In our time periods of waiting and watching, if we can maintain an awareness of our surroundings it will not be time wasted, but rather a time for reflection and introspection. Awareness in life can be found WATCHING AND WAITING!

Just Share The Branch!

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Above is an image of Birds trying to share the branch or carving out their own space on the branch? Animals can both be territorial and they can share the space. We too are like them, but the act of sharing is a learning experience. We start out in life as a child with the pre-verbable "Mine", and have to be taught how to share with others. As we get older, the act of sharing becomes easier and it is looked upon as perfered behavior. However, there does exist in all of us that instinctual territorial side, where we embrace the "Mine" and that side of ourselves stays with us our entire life. It is only by the act of sharing that we learn the deeper experience of our existence. It is the act of sharing where we can go beyond ourselves and achive the true inner being of who we truly are. In life JUST SHARE THE BRANCH!

Let's Go Diet Crazy!

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It's the New Year! and that means Diet time. I am sure everyone knows someone who right now is on a diet. The diets out there are crazy and people seem to pick the craziest diets to go on. There is so much eat this and not that and another diet is eat that and not this. Diets are so varied and diverse that our obsession with them is just pure crazy. Where does Wisdom come into this Diet Craze? There is a simple teaching from the Wisdom of Tao. It simply states:

Eat Foods As Close To The Source As Possible

Eat All Things In Moderation


If you follow these three teachings, you will have a healthly diet, lose weight, and keep the weight off when you lose it. LET'S GO DIET CRAZY!