White Wedding: The Dress

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Wedding Dresses can be an equisite work of art. The detail in the dresses command a photo all to themselves. White Weddings began in Western society during the Victorian Era, when Queen Victoria wore a White Wedding Dress in the 19th century. We all understand the symbolism of the color white for a wedding, but photographically speaking in can become a nightmare. The all white can trick a camera meter into overexposing the dress and losing all detail in the image. When coupled with the Grooms black Tuxedo, the photography can get tricky. Also, there is a general rule, black clothing will slim a person and white, well, it will have the opposite effect. In life beauty can be in the details and a Wedding Dress does not make it easy for a Bride or a Photographer.

Good Friday: Give Us Barabbas!

April 17, 2014  •  1 Comment

Today is Good Friday, a day when Christians around the world give honor to the Passion of Jesus Christ. The event unfolded when Pontius Pilate the Roman governor gave the people a choice: Jesus, the holy teacher of love, peace, non-violence or Barabbas, a religion for violence, insurrectionary "Bad Boy" of his day. The crowd's choice: "Give Us Barabbas!  Then, thoughout history, and even today the choice of the crowd is "Give Us Barabbas!" Look what has happened to the preachers of peace, non-violence, and equality in our modern world, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, and Nelson Mandela. The crowds have not listened to their messages and responded by rejection, imprisonment, and assassination much like Good Friday. Today do not join the crowd and say "Give Us Barabbas!, but make the other choice for a better life and a better world!

Treasure Your Pearls

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 A Pearl  starts off as an irritating small object that gets trapped inside a shelled mollusk and over time beccome a treasure and a thing of beauty. Pearls a considered a gemstone and a piece of fine jewerly. In all cultures Pearls have been historicallly treasured and have great value. In our lives too, we have our Pearls: the things that start out as an irratent but over time holds great value to us. Our Pearls can almost be anything, a contentious friendship that becomes a  meaningful friendship, a mistake that teaches us a life changing lesson, a lifechanging experience, or anything that holds great value in life. It is important for us to find the "Pearls" in our life and treasue them for whatever meaning they may hold. Today...............TREASURE YOUR PEARLS!

Your Life Angels

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When I talk about your Life Angel, I am not referring to a celestial or spiritual being. I am talking about people who have been there in your darkest moments in life. Those people who guided you, showed you compassion, showed you kindness when you were down and out. We all have people in our lives who are our Life Angels. Take a minute and think of all those people who have been your Life Angels. Think how much you appreciated them in that dark moment in your life. We too can become Life Angels by showing compassion and kindness to others in their darkest moments. Be thankful for Your Life Angels and never be afraid to become someone's LIFE ANGEL.

Family Photo Session

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This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of doing a Family Photo Session with a great family(above image). We met at a local park and took pictures for about 2 hours. There was no high tech entertainment, just some of the simple things in life. I believe we all had fun. I know when I photograph children, it tends to bring out the kid in me. I realize now that it is good to feel the kid inside you every now and then in our Adult World....... I still don't like to clean my room:)