Our Secret Garden

March 31, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Everyone loves a garden. In fact we pay money to go see a beautiful, well manacured garden. We are attracted to the fact that the wildness and randomness of natue is now tamed by the well kept garden. The idea of taking the chaos and confusion of nature and turning it into a beautiful and manicured piece of art appeals to us. We now control nature, nature does not control us. Our Secret Garden is we wish we could take our wild and random life and control the chaos and confusion in our life, transforming it into a beautiful, well manicure vision we have of our life. It is our desire to control all the aspects of ourselves where we will no longer feel confused and we are in control. The problem with a beautiful, well manicured garden, is soon as it is done it must be maintained, otherwise the wildness and randomness of nature will take over again. This holds true for our lives. We must constantly maintain the order in our lives and we can get tired of the constant battle within ourselves. This battle is the story of OUR SECRET GARDEN!

The Tree Rings Of Your Life

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Above is an image of a cross section of a tree revealing the growth rings of the tree. The Rings are the history of the tree. Each ring tells a story about the life of the tree. Its good time and its bad times. We too have tree growth rings in our life. They exist in our minds and in our hearts. It is there where the history of our life is recorded. It is there that our life's story exists. Our life story is not as forthcoming as the tree, but each ring has its story to tell. Spend some time this week going over your life growth rings and explore the stories of your life.

Honey Bee Helper

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Do you realize that 1 out of 3 bites of food you eat is because of a Honey Bee? Honey Bees pollinate and help produce the bulk of food world wide. They make the Honey we use too. However, the Honey Bee population is in decline. It is estimated that there is a 40 to 50 percent loss in the Honey Bee population around the world. They are slowly dissappearing. There are several reasons for this, the use of pesticides, viral outbreaks, and mites that attack the beehive. The last two reasons have been around, but the use of pesticides with a chemical called neonicotinoid may be the biggest culprit. To help the Honey Bee, we can do two things, avoid using pesticides on flowering plants visited by bees and put bee friendly flowers in your garden. If you love Honey than you must become a HONEY BEE HELPER!

Our Enclosures

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Above is an image of a Monarch Caterpillar enclosed in its Chrysalis. After some time a Butterfly will emerge from this enclosure. We often think of Enclosure as a negative environment. For example, we enclose people who commit crimes in prisons as a deterrent and punishment. Being shut off from the world in an enclosed environment will hopefully transform them into better people. However, not all forms of enclosure are negative. There is the spiritual enclosure of monks and nuns who find spiritual enlightment from their enclosure. The most common form of enclosure we have in life, is when we go off to college. In theory we are in an enclosed enviroment of learning. In this enclosed enviroment, we can focus on learning and discovering what we want to be in life. In life, we do need time for enclosure to learn and find ourselves throughout our journey. Now this does not have to be for an extended period of time, but during a busy day find a place to enclose yourself from the world for around for 30 or 60 mintues. There you can learn, get spiritual, or just be. You just might find yourself emerging as a New Creature!

The Culture Of Tomorrow

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We live in a Culture Of Tomorrow. So much of what we do now in life means nothing because Tomorrow things will be better: we will begin whatever we do Tomorrow. In High School, just wait until I get to College: in College just wait until I get my Ideal Job: in your Ideal Job, just wait until I start a Family: after your Family just wait until I Retire: in Retirement just wait until, well we don't want the next step (death), so now we live! Our whole lives can be geared towards the future so much that we do not live here and now in the present. Don't wait until tomorrow, but what you want to do, do it today. Let us live our lives in the present, in the here and now. Do plan for the future, but live your life in the NOW!