Can You Over Water A Water Lily?

June 30, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

One of my favorite flowers is the Water Lily. Here is an image of a Water Lily from my pond. This year they are blooming one right after another. What I find so curious about a Water Lily is the fact you cannot over water a Water Lily. Water Lilies can dry out from a lack of water, but can you really over water one? By their very nature they have chosen this extreme aqueous environment. Water Lilies are what they are and cannot be what they are not. A Water Lily accepts its life in water and does not desire to be a Cactus. So very often in life we find people wanting us to be who we are not. It may be a role they want us to play, a title we must fulfill to their preconceived notions, or simply they want us to be something we just are not. We spend our lives trying to find out who we are, yet sometimes the starting place is to find out who we are not. It is a journey we must make on our own being guided by the wise voices of life.  Do not bend to the voices calling you to be who you are not, but accept who you are and accept who you are not. CAN YOU OVER WATER A WATER LILY?

Sister Robin

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Above is an image of an American Red-breasted Robin who I call Sister Robin. I met met this little bird on the hiking trails around Mirror Lake in the Yosemite National Park. The story is simply this: I first met Sister Robin on the path to Mirror Lake. As we got there we slowly worked our way around the Lake and we reached a point where we could turn back or take this hiking trail back to the road. Now some passing hikers said "oh the trail is not bad at all." Well if you were a hard core hiker the trail was not not bad at all, but if one had not much experience then "it was pretty bad" as attested by all the people who half way thru the trail realized their error. All along this trail there was Sister Robin. The bird would be on a rock, then on the ground, then on a tree branch,  it seemed like Sister Robin was following us the whole way back to the road, making sure we got there. We all need a Sister Robin on the hard trails of our lives.

Change Comes Quickly: Transformation Takes Time

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Above is an image of a Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar changing from a Caterpillar into the the Chrysalis stage where it will transform into a Monarch Butterfly. The whole change from a caterpillar into the chrysalis took no more than thirty minutes. Change was that quick. The transformation into a Butterfly will take a little longer, about 10 to 14 days. Change comes quickly, tranformation takes time. We often hold the belief that change is slow, but the opposite is actually true. Change is quick, it is our transformation to change that take time and is slow. For example, you may move into a new town, the change is quick, in about 1 day you could be in a new house, living in a new town. However, getting around, getting use to your surroundings will take time. Your Tranformation into the new neighborhood and its surrounding area will be a slow process. It is the same when we try to change our behavior or make changes in our life. The change is quick, it is the transformation to those changes that seems to take so long. So if you make changes in your life, the change will be quick, it is your transformation to those changes that take time. Just remember the Caterpillar: CHANGE COMES QUICKLY: TRANSFORMATION TAKES TIME!


Iconic Cities

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There are Iconic Cities all over the world. An Iconic City is a city that has a history, a special meaning, a character about it, a certain flair which carries meaning to people. a quirky culture which identifies the city. Above is an image of the Iconic Cityscape of San Francisco, California, taken from a water ferry.  San Francisco has its quirks, its historic landmarks, its hilly streets, and its waterfront. It was a great experience to visit such a city, but the funny thing is would you want to live there? Talking to the locals, they mention a high cost of living, bad traffic, and housing problems, which magnitude would discourage most people. The one thing an Iconic City has, is everyone still would like to visit at least once.

Stop Whining!

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You heard it from your parents when you were growing up. You hear it now when you are out and about. STOP WHINING! It seems all of creation loves to whine. Above is an image of a Wood Stork Chick and you guessed it, it is whining to its two parents for food. Lets face it, we love to whine. We whine about our lives, we whine about our jobs, we whine about our families, we whine about the weather, we whine about how little money we have,  we whine and whine and whine. I do not know if there is a cure for whining, it seems to be imbedded in the behavioral nature of all things.  All I can think of is what my parents used to say to me. STOP WHINING!!!!