The Temple Steps

September 27, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Throughout spiritual literature of all religions, there is always mention of The Temple Steps. The analogy goes like this, there are all the "holy" people going about their holy duties, but there is someone sweeping the steps with a broom and they are the holiest person by their reverence and devotion to the simple task. It is the Steps that all visitors use to gain entrance into the Temple regardless if they are sinners or saints. The steps which are simple is the path all must take to enter the Temple. We tend to overlook the lowly doing their simple tasks, but the simplest task done with reverence and devotion leads us all whether sinner or saint into our Temple of who we are. It begins at ​"THE TEMPLE STEPS!"

Autumn Harvest

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Autumn used to be in olden times: a time of harvest. A time when food was gathered and stored in preparation for the long winter. It was a time when all things were gathered together and life began to slow down. However, in our modern world we lost that sense of "Autumn Harvest" where a community would come together, gathering all things with one goal in mind. It always benefits us if we can gather together as one community, in spite of our differences. Maybe its time for us to plants seeds of peace and gather as one community again. Maybe its time for the ​"AUTUMN HARVEST!"

Tomorrow Fall Begins

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Above is an image of leaves changing color for Fall. Tomorrow Fall begins. The days will be shorter, the weather will be a little cooler, and the summer will be gone. WAIT! All those things are happening right now. The Seasons do not change overnight, for there is a gradual change and sometimes there is a set back to all that change. Nature for the most part changes gradual and that means, we change gradual too. We must be patient with ourselves and others when change is required. It will come gradually. ​"TOMORROW FALL BEGINS!

When We Are All Alone

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Sometimes we may find ourselves all alone and for the most part we do not like that feeling. Even in a crowd of people, we may still feel alone. We may be alone by what we believe, our lifestyle does not coincide with the group at the moment, or just a difference of age, culture, or social status may leave us feeling alone. We have all been there at one moment in our lives. In order to lose the feeling of being alone, we must accept who we are and transform our aloneness into a sense of solitude. Solitude is a positive feeling ​'WHEN WE ARE ALL ALONE!'

The Right Kind Of Shoes

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Above is an image of a pair of Sandals. You can tell a lot by looking at a pair of shoes. Sandals evoke an image of casual, hotter weather. Dress shoes evoke an image of a more formal occasion. There are Shoes just for special occasions such as wedding shoes, sports shoes, and hiking shoes. Shoes can tell us what a person is doing, but they cannot tell us that much about who the person is wearing the shoes. It is up to our judgement to tell if the person is wearing ​"THE RIGHT KIND OF SHOES!"