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"WHAT" is a very simple word that is used to express an inquiry about the identity, nature, or value of an object or matter. What is the animal in the above image? It is a Tapir which not being able to see its distinctive nose might escape us. What is a simple question that starts an inquiry into something greater. It is always important for us to ask the simple questions in Life. Now the answers may be complicated and not agreed upon, but the only way we learn or further our understanding is to ask those simple questions. So begin your inquiry "WHAT?"

Our Solo Moment

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Above is an image of a solo White Ibis silhouetted against the rising sun. Ibises can be seen in flocks or solo. We can be just like the birds. Sometimes we will flock together, other times we find ourselves solo. We by our nature tend to gather together, but there are times we need to go solo. We see this in the sports we play. There are team sports and then there are solo sports. Sometimes we need to go solo for it is there we encounter ourselves with all our fears, anxieties, strengths, and weaknesses. It is in these Solo Moments that we can define ourselves and gain a deeper knowledge of ourselves. We need our "SOLO MOMENT."


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Wood Stork-1Wood Stork-1

Above is an image of a Mother Wood Stork sitting on her nest. Now it is fair to say that Wood Storks are pretty ugly birds, they have a white feather body but they have a head of a vulture. However, you have to say they are good, attentive moms. All living things have a Mom and come into existence from a mom. Moms can be good, bad, or indifferent. Tomorrow we celebrate Mother's Day and we celebrate our Moms. Like all other living things our experience of our Moms can range from good, bad, or indifferent. No matter our experience of Mom in our life, it is important to celebrate Mother's Day by honoring our Moms. Moms are the reason we are here and although they may not be perfect (look at our Wood Stork), they deserve a day of celebration! Let's hear it for "MOM"

Scenic Stroll

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Downtown Savanah-1Downtown Savanah-1

Above is an image of Downtown Savannah, Georgia, where you can stroll through scenic streets. It is the scenic streets which makes Savannah so attractive to visit. The scenic streets takes the stress away and relaxes a person. It is these scenes of nature in a downtown city which makes them therapeutic and reconnects us to nature. Would it not be great if more cities would try to create natural habitats in the middle of their downtowns. Let us support any efforts by cities to create streets where you can take a "SCENIC STREETS."

Drying Out

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Above is an image of an Anhinga or its more common name Snakebird. An Anhinga will dive into the water after fish and when it is done fishing, it will fly to a nearby tree and spread its wings to dry them out. The Anhinga will then spend considerable time drying out its wings. We too need time to dry out from our busy days. Its seems between work, the kids, family, friends, and everything in between, we are running around and not taking time for ourselves. This time for ourselves is "Drying Out". We pause, we spread our wings and take time to re-focus our life to continue our busy day. If the Anhinga does not take time to spread out its wings to dry them, it will not be able to fly very far. The same can be said of us, we need to sit back spread our wings and let life around us dry up. We need "DRYING OUT!"