Tubing Thru Life

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When it seems that life's fast pace is rushing you faster than you know what to do, you just have to allow it to take you where it so wills. This is called Tubing Thru Life. Events happen so fast, you just have to drift with the flow of life. It is something hard for us to do, for we always want to be in control. However, there are times when things rush so fast that we just have to go with the flow and let them take us where they will. Usually, unexpected events will catch us off guard like a sudden death of a loved one, an unexpected job lost, or a medical diagnosis we were not expecting. It is in times like these when we feel sudden shock, that we need to just go with the flow and drift until the shock wears off. We need to go "TUBING THRU LIFE."

Spring Gives Us Hope

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Above is an image of a Frangipani budding this Spring. Spring has just begun and it is a Season of New Life and New Birth. It seems that all of Creation wakes up and rejuvenates itself. Spring Gives Us Hope. Every year Spring shows us life anew. It is this Hope that we need to know that Life renews itself, Life begins again. As we begin a New Season where Life is waking up, look for areas in your own life that needs to be renewed or rejuvenated. It may be something simply or a major life changing project, but don't wait, do it now, for "SPRING GIVES US HOPE!

We All Share The Same Tree

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Bird TreeBird Tree

Above is an image of Birds all sharing the same tree. They have all built their nests and share space in this tree. There are Egrets, Wood Storks, and Anhingas. Now they may squabble among each other, but they all manage to get along to get thru life together. They protect one another from predators above and below. Would it not be great if we humans could do the same thing? After all, we all do share the same tree, it just so happens ours is a little bigger. So no matter if you are an Egret, or you are a Wood Stork, or you are even an Anhinga, try your best to get along. We all need to watch out for one another, that's called peace. When you look at others just remember, "WE ALL SHARE THE SAME TREE!

You Just Never Know When

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Earthquake WarningEarthquake Warning

Above is an image of a Earthquake Warning Sign in California. On the last night of the stay, we down to the Hotel Lobby to book our return flight home, when the Desk Clerk said, "Did You Feel That? It was 4.0 earthquake. I must admit, I did not feel anything, but a quick check of the internet confirmed an earthquake in the area. However, the remainder of the night we were dressed and ready to run out of the Hotel at a moments notice. It was an instance of You Just Never Know When. Have I been thru an Earthquake? Well I guess I have, but it was hardly noticeable. Life is always full of surprises and instances of "YOU JUST NEVER KNOW WHEN!"

Tomorrow Is Another Day

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Sunset RoadSunset Road

So often, we all wish life could be better for us and things would go our way more. It seems we just cannot get ahead of things, it is always one step forward, two steps backward. It is also true, that things are not as bad as we make them out to be. So often we wallow in our sorrows and misery. We can never imagine that there are other people who really are worst off than ourselves, but there really are. When we get down on ourselves and life, just remember this little phrase, "TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY!"