Awakening The Day

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Green CayGreen Cay

Above is an image of an Ibis flying into the marsh area at Green Cay Wetlands. The Ibis begins the day with the silence and beauty of the Sunrise over the marsh. Our days too can begin in the same way if we begin in silence and look for beauty as we begin our day. So often we wake up and rush around, hurrying to get our day going. What if we slowed down, begin in silence without all the noise and enjoyed waking up to a new day. I believe Life would be less stressful and less hectic, if our days started like that upon Awakening. It would be like a Sunrise over a Marsh and we would be flying in "AWAKENING THE DAY!"

Nothing Grows In A Straight Line

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Red SilviaRed Silvia

Above is an image of Red Salvia, a small flowering plant, whose flowers attract Butterflies. The Plants even though they have the freedom to do so, do not grow in a straight line. In Nature nothing grows in a straight line, for there are always obstacles to overcome. Our life is not perfect and neither are we. In efforts to overcome obstacles and the struggles we encounter, we never grow perfectly straight, but are bent, worn, and have the scars of our encounter. No matter how bent or worn we become, we must always strive to keep growing, for "NOTHING GROWS IN A STRAIGHT LINE!"

Our Love For Mystery

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An abandoned Bicycle left at the Riverfront in Savannah Georgia. There is nobody around and its not where one would leave a Bicycle. Who owns it? Why was it left there of all places? Who would leave an unlocked Bicycle in such a place? These are all the questions we start to ask when we come across a Mystery. We do love Mysteries. There is something about the unknown, the unexplained, or beyond our understanding that fascinates our curiosity. Our love for Mysteries can be found in books, movies, and TV shows. Mysteries present a puzzle for us to solve or try to explain and that challenges our curiosity as human beings. Some Mysteries are solved in life, while others are not, and still others will never be explained. Mysteries are something we have to learn to live with and accept. It is why we have "OUR LOVE FOR MYSTERY!"

Our Vanishing World

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Phone BoothPhone Booth

Above is an image of an English Phone Booth at Epcot Disney World. We do not see Phone Booths like we use to, for they have all vanished by way  of the smart phone. Can anyone remember the last time they were in a Phone Booth? Technology has vanished so very many things that were once everyday items. Our world changes everyday around us and so many things may vanish before we realize it. While this change may be good, there is also a danger to all this change. When living things become impacted then there is a real danger to all of us. Technological change may have its benefits and when certain technologies are replaced by new technologies there is no harm done. However, when living things vanish from our World, then we should all be concerned. There is no way to replace them, for they are gone for all time. Protect the Life around us in "OUR VANISHING WORLD!"

Reminds Me When I Was A Kid

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Warhol Soup CanWarhol Soup Can

Above is an image from the Wynwood Art District in Miami of an Andy Warhol Soup Can. Soup Cans and Andy Warhol always remind me of being a kid growing up. It is funny how certain things can jog your memory and transport you back to when you were a kid. It can be a place, a sight of something, or even a smell that takes you back. It is good to travel back with your memories and remember those moments growing up. Those special memories can recall a much simpler life. However, we cannot live in the past, but must live going forward. But it never hurts to say "You know, that reminds me when I was a kid."