It's That Time Of The Year

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It's That Time Of The Year, known as the Christmas Season, The Holidays, where stores put everything on sale and we are bombarded with sale ads. A time when we stress ourselves out and there are Holiday Parties everywhere. Our credit cards are run up to their limits and we spend the next 3 months paying them down. If all this sounds crazy, it is. We allow ourselves to get caught up in all the madness. It is not that we can avoid it, but in all the craziness, take time for yourself, calm yourself down and do not let stress get the better of you. It's That time Of The Year to simplify your life and mind.

Giving Thanks On Thanksgiving Day

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Give Thanks for the Gift of Earth And Sky

Give Thanks for the Gift of Trees and Plants

Give Thanks for the Gift of Creatures Small and Large

Give Thanks for the Gift of Each Other

Give Thanks for the Simple Gift of Today

True Love's Kiss

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In the movie "Maleficent", the young Fairy Maleficent starts off with a carefree and happy life. However, when she encounters our human world, she experiences betrayal, greed, ambition, the heartache of love and ulitimately loses her wings to an ambious friend. In this process she no longer believes in True Love's Kiss. She becomes a villian, but has a change of heart when she watches Sleeping Beauty, whom she cursed, grow up before her eyes. She can only save Sleeping Beauty from her curse by True Love's Kiss and her unbelief only becomes belief when she comes to the self realization when she says to herself "I was so lost in hatred and revenge". We too follow this Fairy Tale in our lives. Once upon a time we were innocent and carefree, but our encounter with our world of betrayal, greed, ambition, and the heartache of love leaves us in hatred and revenge for all the wrongs we suffer. Only when we realize that we are LOST in hatred and revenge can we make things right again. Watch a wedding and you will see for just a moment "True Love's Kiss". If we put away our hatred and the need for revenge, we too can awaken once more to TRUE LOVE'S KISS!

Where Do We Find Peace?

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Where do you go to find Peace? We all seek Peace. The World seeks Peace. In light of of the Paris terrorist attack, Peace is now very hard to find. People simply going about their daily Friday night faced a horror that was not an act of war, but one of nihilism. War has a goal, it has an objective. Nihilism is violence for the sake of violence, it is senseless and has no real goals or objectives. Where do we find peace in the World where all this madness exists? It must begin inside ourselves. It must begin with a Sunrise to begin a new day. It must continue with the Sunset at the end of the day. It must begin in our hearts as we keep moving forward after these horrific events. Where do we find Peace? It must begin with YOU and Me!

The HARD Breaks: The SOFT Bends

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There is a classic teaching in Eastern Philosophy; The Hard Breaks: The Soft Bends. We in our life strive for the Hard and shun the Soft. When we are young and innocent in childhood the Soft is who we are. We trust people, we give them the benefit of the doubt, we have unconditional love for those near us. However, as we grow older, we begin to embrace the Hard. This is brought on by the experiences of life. We are taught to be Hard in sports, the cruelity of older children teaches us to be Hard, and life teaches us Hard lessons. Our minds grow Hard with our own opinion and other opinions are not allowed through, our hearts grow Hard as we struggle between the pain of love and rejection, thinking if our heart is hard, the pain of rejection will not find us. But as strong as we think we are to withstand what life throws at us; we break. Just like a hard tree standing up to a strong wind: it breaks. The Soft tree bends and keep growing toward the sunlight. The Soft Survive. Pause for just a moment and contemplate what is Hard and Soft in your life: THE HARD BREAKS: THE SOFT BENDS - THE SOFT SURVIVES!