Is Your Life A Wash Rag?

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Have you ever wondered about the life cycle of a Wash Rag. When you examine what we do, it is pretty illogical what we do with our Wash Rags. They start out dry hanging on the towel rack, then we get them wet and put soap on them to clean ourselves. After wetting and soaping them numerless times to wash ourselves, at some point we proclaim them dirty, although we clean ourselves with the soap and water we put on them. After that we throw it in the washer with you guess it, soap and water to get it clean, then we throw it in the dryer to dry it, even though our full intent is to get it wet and start the cycle all over again!!!!!! It is my hope that we are not applying this same logic in living our lives and catch ourselves when we do in what seems like a senseless redundant cycle. However, in our lives we can be living in a Wash Rag cycle, we get up for work, go to work, and come home from work, day after day in what seems like a senseless redundant cycle. In order to break this cycle, we must begin to live from moment to moment, think of things you would like to do and do them. Take vacation time at work if you can or on your days off, get out and do something you always wanted to do. Break up your Wash Rag Life Style!!!!!!!

Flat Tires

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On No not a Flat Tire! There is nothing more aggravating than getting a flat tire. Here you are on your way to somewhere and out of no where you have a flat tire. Now you have to stop and fix the flat before you can continue. It is safe to say that at some point, we have all had a flat tire which was unexpected and delayed our journey while the flat tire had to be fixed before we could continue. In life there are many things that can be our Flat Tires, these are the things that slow us down and we have to stop and fix them before we can continue. A Flat Tire could be a relationship, a medical issue, a learning experience, a past hurt in life, or something we did not even think of. The problem with Flat Tires are, they are aggravating, we do have to stop what we are doing and they do have to be fixed before we can continue. We all get flat tires so we are not alone, they are a part of life, and all we can do is stop and fix the FLAT TIRE.

The Apple Phone Nightmare On Square Trade Street

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It began on a rainy Saturday afternoon, the Apple Tech said the phone's battery was bad and had to be replaced. I said no worries, I have a Square Trade Warranty on the Phone. By Sunday afternoon the claim was approved and I would have a working phone by Tuesday or so I thought for the Nightmare was about to begin. Monday passed and on Tuesday I had not heard anything from Square Trade, so I gave them a call and learned my claim got lost in the system. Not to worry, they upgraded my replacement phone from 16GB to 32GB and it would arrive on Wednesday. No worries, I would take the upgrade and it would make up for the delay or so I thought for the Nightmare was just beginning. On Wednesday, my replacement phone arrived and I opened up the box to my new White 32GB ApplePhone or so I thought. What was this in the box? a Black 16GB 4S Apple phone (a downgrade) and even the phone carrier was wrong and the Nightmare began. I called Square Trade and they said they were sorry for the mix up and they would overnite the phone by tomorrow. On Thursday there was no indication that a phone was on its way, so I called and was told, they would check into it and  call me back. As the day began to pass, there was no call, so I called them and was told, because it was a re-order it would be 2 to 3 business days for the phone to ship. My response was, but it's your fault, you sent me the wrong phone. A co-worker dismayed at the response called and was told the phone was shipped but there was no tracking number. Finally, on my ride home from work, an email came saying the phone was just shipped and would come Friday. As it turned out the White 32GB Apple phone with the right carrier arrived ending this Nightmare. So the moral of my story is, if I buy another Applephone, I will buy the Applecare Warranty for if I had in the first place, I would have never went down THE APPLE PHONE NIGHTMARE ON SQUARE TRADE STREET!

Hurt Stacked Upon Hurt

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Do you know someone or are you experiencing Hurt Stacked Upon Hurt. Its when life throws what would seem one bad thing your way after another in a short period of time. We all have experience things not going our way but when when we see someone have hurt stacked upon hurt, it makes us wonder how someone can get through the experience. The Hurt can come in relationships, health, job loss, finanicial loss, death of a loved one, bad luck, or the combination of all those things. This is the kind of Hurt in life that you will always remember, just think back and you will quicky recall those times no matter how long ago it happened. You never forget it. What we must do at these times is remember we are tougher than what we think, we realize that we can survive what seems overwhelming, and when all the Hurt is over, we emerge stronger than we were. Finally, we must not dwell on the total Hurt in our life, but resolve the hurt and pain one layer at a time. We can all get thru those times when HURT IS STACKED UPON HURT!


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One of the most detrimental mindsets to have in life is Complacency. Complacency can be defined as "a feeling of being satisfied with how things are and not wanting to try to make them better". In other words, Complacency is a feeling of peace and security, while being unaware of potential events that can derail the present moment. In photography we saw Complacency derail the juggernaut company Eastman Kodak. Kodak was the dominant company when it came to photo film. A Kodak Moment was a phase used to describe a picture opportunity. What Happened? - Complacency. Kodak in the late 1980's failed to embrace the up and coming Digital Technology and thought, photo film has been around for 100 years and that is not going to change. They were unaware of how Digital Technology would change photography. Now the company is borderline bankrupt. Complacency can happen in all phases of our life - physical, mental, and spiritual. Complacency can effect our health, our relationships, our work, our family life, and our downtime in life. It is a lack of foresight in the present moment, it is being unaware of the upcoming changes in life. The way to prevent Complacency in your life is an awareness in the present moment and foresight into your future. Don't let your downfall be COMPLACENY!