Time For Fall Color

September 26, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

The Season of Fall has begun and now begins the Fall Color. In some places the leaves on the trees start to change color to red or yellow as the weather turns cooler. The seasons reminds us that Nature changes hot to cool to cold to warm and back to hot. As seasons unfold, the landscape changes with the seasons.  We also find our life changing like the seasons. We can go from joy to sorrow, happy to sad, and everything in between. Life can change color on us very quickly. The important thing to remember is, Life will change from one season to another, just like the seasons in Nature. Now is the TIME FOR FALL COLOR.

Go With The Flow Of Life

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Have you ever gone tubing? In the Smokey Mountain National Park for under $10 dollar you can rent a tube and ride the river all day long, in what is all day simple fun. Riding the tube down the river, you go with the Flow of the River, where the river takes you that is where you go. You do bump into rocks and change your course and you can get hung up on rocks but never for long. The main thing is you have not much control as to where the river takes you in your tube. In a sense we are riding a tube down the River of Life. We constantly resist where life is taking us and put our rocks (our plans) to change our course or we get hung up on a rock (our problems) to try and control our journey down the river of Life. It is far better to have an idea of  the direction we want to go in and a place we want to get to and simply "GO WITH THE FLOW OF LIFE!

The Question Is The Answer

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The above image from the Trout Farm shows you the answers to the most asked questions about fishing at the Trout Farm. In our lives we seem to be seeking Answers for all our Questions. Throughout human history, Wisdom has not come from finding the Answers, but rather Wisdom has come from asking the right Questions. The Answer is not as important as is asking the right Question. If one looks at the history of world great things have not come from the Answers, but great things have come from asking the right Questions. As you go about this week, think about the Questions you have, for THE QUESTION IS THE ANSWER!

What! More Pictures

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Last week was a second session of Hunter's 1st year of life. In this session some of the Family Members who missed the first session were able to be photographed with Hunter. Hunter was thinking What! More Pictures. As the above photo is evidence that he sure loves the beach sand, but he has to learn it does not taste good.

Are You Rushing Water?

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Are You Rushing Water? We see water in many different forms, it can be stagnant, it can be moving slowly, it can be rushing, or it can be a devistating wall of water. Rushing Water moves very quickly, it will eventually wear away rocks and carry things down its path without care or reason. Sometimes we can be like rushing water, we rush from place to place without care or reason and we eventually wear away at those around us. Movement is important in life because we do not want to grow stagnant, but our rushing around wears away at the force that keeps us solid. If you find your life rushing around, rushing by you, slow down, pause and take in a quiet moment.