Teeming With Life

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Corkscrew Swamp-1Corkscrew Swamp-1

Above is an image of Corkscrew Swamp in Naples Florida. Although it may not look like it, the swamp is Teeming with Life. You cannot see them because they are hidden for their protection, but life abounds here if you look close enough. Here, you find creatures across the spectrum of life. Small, big, prey, predator, and life from worms to mammals. The scene is nature unspoiled. All too often today, these natural scenes are looked at as undeveloped and the desire to build parking lots and develop the land seems like a logical step. However, we have more than enough parking lots and not enough unspoiled land left anymore. It may look quiet and useless but it is 'TEEMING WITH LIFE!"

Summer Is Here!

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Sunset Beach-1Sunset Beach-1

Summer is here! Today is the first day and beginning of Summer. Summer is a season of long days and weather is hot. It is also a season when life seems to slow down. A time when traditionally we go on vacations especially with the kids out from school and we all have memories of our summer vacation growing up. Take note of each season and what it has to offer, for they do differ and set the pace of life. For now enjoy what summer brings and what it offers us day to day. "SUMMER IS HERE!"

Taking In The View

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Mountain Lake-1Mountain Lake-1

Now that we are getting into Summer, people will be traveling to different places for a Summer Vacation. No matter where one goes, beach, mountains, forest, or sea, it is always important to take in the view. There is a story told of a father who takes his two children to a museum. As the children look in awe at all the exhibits and are taking things in, the father tells the two children "Hurry up, you don't want to miss anything." There is a sense within us that we have to keep moving in order not to miss anything, however, the opposite is true, we have to slow down and take in the view to really say we were there and did not just see the place. When one travels it is important to experience the views and not just see the views, because sometimes we are not REALLY there. Take that moment and stop, pause, and spend a moment "TAKING IN THE VIEW."


The Suspense Kills Us

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Above is an image of an Egret stocking its prey. The suspense as to when it will strike is a killer watching the scene unfold. It seems we thrive on Suspense, we love Suspense Novels, we love Suspense Movies, and we just love the element of Suspense in life. So much of suspense hinges on when the peak action will come and our patience to wait for it. It is that element which drives our love for suspense. We act to quickly we miss it, if we act to slow we miss it. Suspense is waiting for the peak of the action. Suspense is part of our lives and it drives us to do the task at hand no matter what it maybe. So whether its finishing that book, or watching the movie, or photographing a stocking Egret, we are captivated by suspense. So what "THE SUSPENSE KILLS US!"

Don't Let Time Past You By

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Above is an image of the oldest Fort in the United States, the Spanish Fort in St. Augustine Florida. At one point in history, this was a brand new Fort, but now it is just an old historical building of the past. Time has past this Fort by. We all face the prospect of growing old and time passing us by. Whenever we turn a milestone age, it makes us reflect where we are in life. At 21, we are no longer teenagers, but adults. At 30 we face the question what we ultimately want out of life. At 40 we begin to feel time passing us by and we try to capture loss moments in life. Finally, as we become 50, 60, and 70, we reflect back on the learned wisdom and experiences of our lives and we begin to live for the moment, for we feel time slowly passing us by. The secret at the end is to live moment by moment, day by day, and embrace the good on our path. "DON'T LET TIME PASS YOU BY!"