The Path Forward

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Above is an image of a Hiking Path in Yosemite National Park. We had just finished at Mirror Lake and some Hikers told us this Path back was not a hard hike at all. Well, we started to hike this path back, meeting another couple along the way and it seemed this Path was never going to end. All of us kept walking the Path Forward. We thought about turning around, but that did not seem like a good solution. We kept going the Path Forward until we finally reached the end. The Hiking Path was more challenging then all of us expected. We all face the Path Forward in life and we all look back thinking of turning around and going back the way we came. However, the right path is the Path Forward. No matter how difficult or easy the path may get, we must move forward. The Path Forward may be uncertain, it may be difficult, or it may get easier, but the right path to be on is "THE PATH FORWARD!

Wisdom Is The Sum Total Of You

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Above is an image of an Owl, which has been a symbol of Wisdom. Wisdom is just not isolated to people high up on a mountain top, but we all have Wisdom. Wisdom is not just an accumulation of knowledge or memorization of facts from the internet or it is not how smart a person seems. Wisdom is what you have learned, experienced, and accomplished throughout your life. All those things are then internalized and contemplated by us over and over again in time and we end up with our Wisdom. Never stop learning, never stop living and take time to process your Life and you will grow in Wisdom. "WISDOM IS THE SUM TOTAL OF YOU!

The Unexpected

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Above is an image of a Sunrise on Estero Bay on the west coast of Florida. The west coast of Florida is known for its Sunsets not its Sunrises. The beauty of the Sunrise was Unexpected. The Unexpected in Life can occur anywhere and at any time. The Unexpected could be an addition to the family, a raise at work, an inheritance that you did not see coming, or meeting an old friend. Also, The Unexpected could be a layoff from your job, an unforeseen illness, a divorce not seen coming, or a sudden passing of a loved one. The Unexpected can be good or bad. Life is full of surprises that throw us off our path in Life. Never take Life for granted for you never know when you will encounter: THE UNEXPECTED!

Its That Time Of Year!

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Christmas TreeChristmas Tree

Yes! it is that time of Year, the Holiday Season, where businesses what you to spend $$$$$$$. The stores started about a month ago to decorate for this time of year, but now it begins in earnest. The Holidays can be a stressful time with gift buying, family reunions, celebrations, memories we all have for this time of year. Yet, what we are celebrating were peaceful and joyful events in history. How did we get so off track on all of this? The answers are many, however, we must get back on track thru this season. Buy what you must, Do what you must, but never lose sight of why we do all of this in the first place!!! "ITS THAT TIME OF YEAR!" 

Thanksgiving = Reunion

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Mesick FamilyMesick Family

Tomorrow in the United States we celebrate Thanksgiving Day. A day when the Pilgrims and Native Indians celebrated a meal together to give thanks. Thanksgiving is about Reunion. Since that day, every Thanksgiving Day families gather together for better or for worst and give thanks. It is not so much about the food, as it is about each other. Thanksgiving equals Reunion. It is thru the process of Reunion, when we all can come together and appreciate the value of each other. THANKSGIVING = REUNION!