The End Of A Quest

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Have you ever began a Quest? a Mission? Above is an image of a Red Bellied Woodpecker that would visit my backyard from time to time. I began a Quest to get a photograph of the bird. The bird would appear in the backyard and by the time I would run and get my camera, it would be gone. This scene would repeat itself over and over again. Finally, one day the Woodpecker landed on a birdfeeder and I was able to capture the above image. I had reached  the end of a Quest. When you come to the end of a quest, the next question, then what? In life phases we do encounter the end of a quest. At the end of our school years the quest ends, when we find our spouse and get married the quest ends, and when we retire from the work force our quest ends and in all cases a new Quest begins. A Quest gives us goals, focus, a sense of purpose and fulfillment, but all Quests do come to an end. As we near years end, let us plan our Quests for the coming year and at the end of a Quest, a new Quest begins.

Under The Broom Tree

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One of my favorite Bible Stories is Elijah under the broom tree. Elijah is on a roll and suddenly life takes a sharp turn in the downward direction. He learns the Queen is out to kill him and he flees. At this moment he is beaten up by life, the score is Life 1, Elijah 0. As he flees he stops to rest Under A Broom Tree. It is there that he becomes energized, rejuvenated, and gets his zest back for his mission by his experiences Under The Broom Tree. All of us no matter our beliefs can relate to Elijah in this story.  We have all had days and times when it is Life 1, Us 0 and we feel beaten and tired out by the stresses of Life. We need to find our Broom Tree. It is the place were we become energized, rejuvenated, and it brings us back up to speed for the journey forward. The Broom Tree could be a place, a person, an event, a word of encouragement or anywhere we find the rest from the stresses of Life. Spend time and discover your Broom Tree and energize and rejuvenate your Life UNDER THE BROOM TREE!

Waiting To Drop

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A Seed waits to drop. It must drop to the ground if it is to grow and fulfills its ultimate destiny to become the plant or tree it is destine to be. A Seed is secure attached to the tree, but when it drops it must find a way to grow and survive in the larger world it finds itself away from the plant or tree.  In the same way, we often find ourselves in the situation "Waiting To Drop".  We may be secure where we are at and are afraid if we fall ending up in a new situation or enviroment. However, there are times when we do drop because of failure or our own shortcomings and find ourselves lost from our security, in a new situation or enviroment. It is in these times in life when we can find growth and become who we want to become. Our failures in life do not always have to be the end, but many times can lead to a new beginning and our destiny in life. All we have to do is remember the Seed WAITING TO DROP!

Laugh Your Way Thru Life

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We all have heard the line "Laughter is the best medicine" and we can all agree it is true. Laughter brings out the best is us and the darkness in our life gives way to the light. Children have a gift for laughter and joy in life and it seems as we get older we lose that gift. Perhaps it is the pain and hurt we accumulate in our life journey, but we must try to always recapture that laughter and joy. There are different kinds of humor which each of us have our favorite. There is slapstick, there are jokes, and there is sarcasm all of which makes people laugh. But laughter has another truth to it: it allows us not to take ourselves too serious. If you think of what we find funny, it points to shortcomings in people lives and situations. Shortcomings which we all share whether we want to admit to them or not. So in what can be a stressful Holiday Season for people: LAUGH YOUR WAY THRU LIFE!

It Was So Cold In Florida That............

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Last week it was so cold in Florida that it snowed on the Beach??????  No, that really never happened but listening to the weather people one would think so. We love to exaggerate and embellish our stories of what happens. We see it in history, we see in books, we see it on TV, and we see it in the Movies. What happens gets exaggerated and embellished in a woven story of excitement and adventure beyond the ordinary. All this is called Storytelling and we love it. Let us be honest, History as is can be boring, but History as Storytelling is a good book or a great movie. So where does this leave us? Think of your life not as History, but think of your life as Storytelling, filled with excitement and adventure. Just don't overdo the exaggeration and embellishment. It was so cold in Florida you go and make your life the Story!