Learning From Nature

August 29, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Societies long ago would LEARN from Nature. Now it seems in our Modern Society we learn about Nature, not from Nature. Nature has become in many ways an amusement for us and we miss the vaulable lessons Nature can teach us on how to live, as it did so long ago. In the past people would identify with the elements of lfe and observing their habits, strenghts and weaknesses learn how to cope with the world around them. Today we view a Natural Habitat as a blockage to development and progress. Today spend a little time with Nature and just by observing, see what you can LEARN FROM NATURE.

Picture This: Turning 1

August 26, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Picture This: Hunter is turning 1 years old and we had a great Photo Session at the beach last week. He had fun that day and proved the point that 1 year olds really love sand and lots of it.  At 1 we had the whole world in front of us and our future could be anything we wanted to be. May Hunter leave his footprints in sand for all of us to follow in a good way.

The Energy Of Nature

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Are you tired and weary? The Nature around us contains the energy we need in life. Energy is everywhere in Nature, running water, electricity from lightning, the rays of the sun, the gravity that holds us to earth, and the processes of living. The energy can be contained as in still water, until it starts to move and becomes a powerful force or it can be a constant source as in sunlight. That energy in Nature exists in all of us and all we have to do is tap into our internal energy. The way to unlease that energy is develop routines that focus on three things: Body - Mind - Spirit. Once the energy of these three areas are unleased, you will have THE ENERGY OF NATURE.

Swan Lake: A Moment Of Tranquility

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On vacation in the Mountains of North Carolina, I came upon this scene on a Mountain Lake, two Swans swimming with the overhead clouds reflecting in the lake. Pausing to take in the scene, it was a Moment Of Tranquility, those very brief moments in life when one can sense stillness in movement and the oneness of earth and sky. It is these moments that fill us with the awe of nature and that life at times can be filled with beauty. Take some time in the next couple of your busy days and see if you can find a Moment Of Tranquility. It will be very brief, but well worth the time.

Shedding Your Old Self

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No animal shows us how to shed our old self better than the Snake. When it sheds its skin, it leaves behind the entire old snake and is renewed. Did you know that every 28 days your skin renews itself by sloughing off old cells. It is not as dramatic as the Snake, but every 28 days there is a NEW YOU! The problem is that every 28 days do we really feel like we are renewed or does it seem to be our old selves, with all the same good and bad we carry. Take this concept and focus on renewing a part of your life every 28 days. Shed your Old Self and become a new renewed YOU!