Resting On Calm Water

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Steam ShipSteam Ship

Above is an image of a Steamboat resting on calm water. Water which covers most of our planet, gives us a wide range of different reactions. High waves makes us fear water for its power, but calm water attracts us with feelings of calm and peace. When we see calm water we are invited by its presence. Think of this analogy as you interact with the world and people, if you act like high waves, storming, angry, and full of rage people will fear you but people will shun your presence. If you act like calm water, calm and peaceful you will invite others to your presence. Just ask yourself this question, would rather be out on a high sea or "RESTING ON CALM WATER?

The Gift Of Walking

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Deering EstateDeering Estate

Above is an image of a path that by walking on it will lead to a journey. Walking is a Gift, for not all living things can walk. Some crawl, some swim, some fly, and some cannot move at all. Our bodies were make for walking. One may run but that is hard on our joints and we can run only so far. However, we can keeping walking forever in a day. Today find a path, take a walk, and you will feel better about Life, for that is "THE GIFT OF WALKING!

Old Camera

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Old CameraOld Camera

Above is an image of an Old Camera on display. Cameras have come a long way since their beginning over a 100 years ago. Back then this Camera used a simply technique to expose an image on a plate using light. Today's cameras are mini computers as photography has gone from plates to film to digital codes to capture images using light. One thing has remained constant in Photography and that is the LIGHT! All the camera really does is capture the light. So no matter what camera you use, the old camera above, a fancy digital computer camera, or even the camera on you phone, it is all about the light. What is important is how you see the light. You want to take a good picture: see the light and if you do, you can still get a good picture using an OLD CAMERA!

Looking For Answers

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Boat Tailed GrackleBoat Tailed Grackle

A Boat-Tailed Grackle looks underneath some pond algae for an answer to its hunger. We humans have always throughout our history have been looking for answers. Science is built on our quest for answers to the questions our world poses to us. The funny thing is so many answers are not the answers we expected to find. Some of mankind's greatest inventions were an answer that was not suppose to be the answer. Answers are not always what we expect them to be. Look at how many people enter college with the answer they wanted to be and are doing something entirely different. Ask the questions, but be prepared for an answer you did not expect, that is "LOOKING FOR ANSWERS!

An Overcast, Rainy Day

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Cloudy BeachCloudy Beach

An overcast, rainy day at Estero Bay. This is not the kind of day one wants on vacation on a sunny Florida beach, but not all days are sunny. We have rainy days and we have overcast days. It is funny how sometimes the day's weather is used to describe our moods. A sunny day evokes a bright, happy energetic day, whereas  an overcast, rainy day evokes a more gloomy, depressing, and less energetic day where all you want to do is sleep. Yet, all the days of sunny, overcast, and rain has a purpose. The Sunny day allows things to grow and be energized and an overcast, rainy day blocks the heat and the moisture also allows things to grow. They in their own way balance each other out. Cannot the same be said of our moods, that in the end they balance each other out. Be thankful for "AN OVERCAST, RAINY DAY!"