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Above is an image of a Red-winged Blackbird at the wetlands. In some sense our modern world has lost its sense of watching life live. We have become so addicted to our electronic devices, we do not see life living. It is a different experience to take a nature walk plugged into your phone listening to music's top 40 and walking in nature listening to the sound and life living around you. Throughout history people have become wise by just observing the nature around them. Let us not experience Life through an App, but experience Life "WATCHING LIFE LIVE!"

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The Ups And Downs Of Decisions http://www.tmesickphotography.com/blog/2018/4/the-ups-and-downs-of-decisions Seattle Skyline (1 of 1)Seattle Skyline (1 of 1)

Above is an image of the Seattle Waterfront from the Ferris Wheel on the same Waterfront. The Ferris Wheel takes you up and down for different views of the city. In Life when we make decisions our process may seem like we go up and down, which is why when we make life decisions, we should use the process of Discernment. Discernment is not a snap decision but rather a slower process. We weigh all options, talk to learned people, evoke our feelings for each choice, and mull over the ups and downs of the decision. It is a longer process to make a decision, but when making major life choices it is a necessary process. It is not a choice of "what are we going to have for dinner?", but life decisions of career, relationships, and the major changes in life. When faced with those major life decisions put yourself through a process of "Discernment," then you will weather  "THE UP AND DOWNS OF DECISIONS!" 

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All In All http://www.tmesickphotography.com/blog/2018/4/all-in-all Bird Rookery (1 of 1)Bird Rookery (1 of 1)

Above is an image of a Bird Rookery. All the birds work together in the rookery to achieve their goals. They are in it All In All. If only our world could adopt the same mindset it would be a much better world. We work so hard to distinguish ourselves and judge others on our differences. The birds may all be different from each other, but they all manage to come together for a common good. Our world has always been so divided, but in reality the differences between us are so small. If only we could come together "ALL IN ALL!"

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Stop, Relax, Enjoy http://www.tmesickphotography.com/blog/2018/4/stop-relax-enjoy Cup of Coffee (1 of 1)Cup of Coffee (1 of 1)

Above is an image of a woman just sitting, relaxing, and enjoying a cup of coffee. We spend so much of our lives running around here to there, that we do not know how to relax and enjoy life. Whether its the kids, work, family, sports, things I have to do (not really), we do not know how to stop and relax. We spend so much of our time running around, we never learn how to relax. We keep telling ourselves when we retire then we will stop and relax. However, once we do retire, we have never learned how to relax and boredom sets in and we run around all over again until we die. Today, if nothing else, before its too late: "STOP, RELAX, ENJOY!"

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A Little Help From My Friends http://www.tmesickphotography.com/blog/2018/4/a-little-help-from-my-friends Wood Storks (1 of 1)Wood Storks (1 of 1)

Above is an image of two Wood Storks teaming up to build a nest. One Wood Stork receives "a little help from my friends". As much as we would like to go at it all alone, we do need help from our "friends". Now our friends can range from actual friends to trusted "experts" who can advise us on specific issues. So often we are stubborn and refuse to ask for help, but people are willing to help one another if we just ask. Never be afraid to ask for help or to give help. This world of ours needs "A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS!"

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Our Lives Are Passing Seasons http://www.tmesickphotography.com/blog/2018/4/our-lives-are-passing-seasons Winter Scene (1 of 1)Winter Scene (1 of 1)

Above is a Winter Scene from the mountains in North Carolina. Even though it is Spring, many parts of the world still look like this. Spring is here but it still looks like Winter. When it comes to the Seasons, we all look forward, but we miss going back. When Spring comes, we will soon miss Winter. We do the same thing in our approach to Life. We look forward, but miss going back. When we are young we cannot wait to grow up and be teenagers, when we are teenagers we cannot wait for adulthood, and when we do finally become adults we cannot wait to retire. The problem is we miss going back. As adults we miss being a kid and a teenager and when we retire we miss those younger adulthood days. We want to move forward, but we keep looking back in the past. The problem may lie in the fact we are afraid of the future and we do not think our lives are happy in the present. We must learn to embrace the present no matter the season, for there is good and bad in every season of our life. "OUR LIVES ARE PASSING SEASONS!

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The Living And The Dead http://www.tmesickphotography.com/blog/2018/3/the-living-and-the-dead Leaves (1 of 1)Leaves (1 of 1)

Above is an image of a Dead Leaf sitting on top of Living Leaves. Nature is a cycle of Life and Death. It is Spring when we see new life come forth from what looked dead. We are all afraid of Death, yet we will all one day die like leaves on a tree. Death is an absolute in life. We may not be certain of many things in life, but death is one thing that is certain. Is our fear of death based on our fear of the unknown? We often fear what we do not know. Or is death just a stage on our journey when we pass from a physical life to a more metaphysical life? The answer to those questions may very be in the life that surrounds you, it birth and new growth to its rejuvenation Spring after Spring. It is the journey of "THE LIVING AND THE DEAD!"

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Different Strings Of The Same Instrument http://www.tmesickphotography.com/blog/2018/3/different-strings-of-the-same-instrument Guitar (1 of 1)Guitar (1 of 1)

We think of ourselves as all different. There are those things that separate us in life: gender, race, country, ancestry, and religion. However, what we are, turns out to be "Different Strings of the same instrument". Just like the strings on a guitar, we may play a different chord, but we belong to the same instrument. If only we could stop focusing on the different chords each of us play and focus on the music of the instrument it would be a better world. We may all play a different note, but we are part of the same song. The song is Love. Now if only the strings would realize, we are "DIFFERENT STRINGS OF THE SAME INSTRUMENT!" 

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Those Empty Spaces http://www.tmesickphotography.com/blog/2018/3/those-empty-spaces Hole in Tree (1 of 1)Hole in Tree (1 of 1)

Above is an image of a hole in a Palm Tree. Whenever there is a hole with an empty space it seems something has to fill it. In this case there is a bird's nest in the hole. Empty spaces attract the need to be filled. The same principle holds true for our lives. If there is an empty space we have to fill it with something. This can be a good thing, however, it can be a bad thing also. We sometimes seek to fill our empty spaces with things that are not for our good. If Love leaves us with an empty hole in our heart, unless we are patient, we can fill it with bad relationships. How many times have we seen this in life? Death can also leave us with an empty hole. That person left such a hole that we can never fill that emptiness. The truth is that emptiness may not be such a negative space after all. If we spend time in that emptiness we can learn and appreciate from left that big hole. Emptiness is a space that allows for all possibilities that can be positive or negative. It is up to us as to what fills "THOSE EMPTY SPACES!" 

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Spring Is Here! http://www.tmesickphotography.com/blog/2018/3/spring-is-here Bud (1 of 1)Bud (1 of 1)

Spring Is Here! Spring has arrived and the day is as long as the night and the night is as long as the day. The Light is equal and the cold will give way to the warmth and Life will burst forth with new growth. In Spring, Life equals itself out, day and night, cold and warmth, inanimate and growth. Spring brings Life to Life. It is a time when we can renew who we are by taking a path of new growth. Life is too short not to invest in new growth, new learning, renewing who we are as an integrated human being. Get out and live! Get out and grow! Get out and renew yourself! "SPRING IS HERE!

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Start Poor To Be Rich http://www.tmesickphotography.com/blog/2018/3/start-poor-to-be-rich Miami Sunrise (1 of 1)Miami Sunrise (1 of 1)

Whenever you begin something brand new, do you start Poor or do you start rich? Most of us will start impoverished in the task at hand. Think of a new hobby or craft you just started. At first you will be poor at what you do. You will have no knowledge or skill at what you do, but over time you will grow and learn your task at hand and become Rich at what you do. The question is are you happier being Poor or being Rich? Being Poor anything you learn or do brings you satisfaction, while once you are rich in learning and knowledge you will learn disappointment if you fail. None of us like to be Poor, but in your poverty you only have the things ahead of you, and once you have grown Rich will you recognize failure and disappointment. Always remember the days when you were poor and you will remember your happiness. START POOR TO BE RICH!

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And The Birds Sing All Day http://www.tmesickphotography.com/blog/2018/3/and-the-birds-sing-all-day Red-winged Blackbird (1 of 1)Red-winged Blackbird (1 of 1)

Have you ever had that great day when everything in life seems to go right? When you walk outside it feels great And The Birds Sing All Day or so it seems. There are days when all in life goes right. It may not seem like many but there are those days. Life for us becomes alive and we see and hear everything around us. This happens because we are not self focused, but we focus outside ourselves. When we are self absorbed, we shut off life around us and cannot experience the things that happen around us all the day. Only when we open ourselves to the world around us can we experience the good that is found in life. Open your eyes and ears, in turn your heart and mind will open "AND THE BIRDS SING ALL DAY! 

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Peace In An Age Of War http://www.tmesickphotography.com/blog/2018/3/peace-in-an-age-of-war Rose (1 of 1)Rose (1 of 1)

Do you feel the world is closer to Peace or closer to War? As much as we want Peace in the world, it seems everything is moving closer to War. Every move countries make is putting a log on the fire rather than putting the fire out. Disarmament Agreements are now abandoned and every world leader wants their nuclear arsenal to be the biggest and if the world nukes itself what kind of world is going to be left behind anyways?  Peace in the world will only be realized when we acknowledge our enemies are not the enemy. The true enemy is our fear, our greed, our self entitlement in the world. Our destruction of our environment and the planet resources. Peace will only come when we replace fear with trust, when we replace greed with giving, and when we see enemies as friends. As far fetched as that sounds only then will we have "PEACE IN AN AGE OF WAR!

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Teach Without Words http://www.tmesickphotography.com/blog/2018/3/teach-without-words Library (1 of 1)Library (1 of 1)

Above is an image of a High School Library. As a place of education there are teachers, books, lessons, and lectures. Yet, some of the best lessons learned are not the words of books and lectures, but lessons without words. Examples that inspire us to be better persons and a concern for the person. It is those lessons that are taught without words that can be the most powerful and enduring in a persons life. Just think back and remember the lessons that affected you the most, Was it a lecture? or was it an example of a teacher going above and beyond the scope of their duties? These are the lessons we remember throughout our lives. We see recently how words can be manipulated and used to circumvent the truth, but lessons that are taught without words, the lessons of human compassion and love endure forever. Teach by example and "TEACH WITHOUT WORDS!" 

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Life Is Discovery VS Clashes http://www.tmesickphotography.com/blog/2018/3/life-is-discovery-vs-clashes Dark Night (1 of 1)Dark Night (1 of 1)

A Dark Night in the Woods. Our minds tell us this could lead us to new Discoveries or this could lead us to clashes in the dark. Life is either a Discovery or a Clash. We see this in the people we meet. You can discover a person you meet if you like them or you can clash with a person if you do not like them. We Discover things from our birth to our death: people, places, things we like, ourselves, and the world around us. In the same manor, all those things we discover can lead to clashes in our life. It all comes down on how we approach things. If one keeps an open mind and is not self centered then Discovery is possible, but if we close our minds and thinking becoming self centered than life becomes a series of clashes. "LIFE IS DISCOVERY VS CLASHES!

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Symbol Of The Sinister http://www.tmesickphotography.com/blog/2018/2/symbol-of-the-sinister Wall Art (1 of 1)Wall Art (1 of 1)

Above is an image of Wall Art from the Wynwood Art District in Miami. It is a colorful sinister looking Snake. In our culture we have many symbolisms for the sinister. There are snakes, spiders, dead wood, and other mythological symbols for the sinister. These symbols remind us a real presence of evil in our world. We see this evil throughout history and in the news headlines. We must resist this evil as a society, even though everyone may have different ideas on how to go about this resistance. No matter which path we choose, we cannot return evil for evil as is so often done, but return evil with good. Only then will evil be subdued and there will be no fear in the "SYMBOL OF THE SINISTER!"

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Silence In The Silence http://www.tmesickphotography.com/blog/2018/2/silence-in-the-silence Running Stream (1 of 1)Running Stream (1 of 1)

Have you ever decided to take that quiet walk in the Woods and enjoy the quiet and silence of Nature? As you walk, you realize that Nature is not that quiet after all. You hear the sound of running streams, you hear the rustles of leaves on the trees, and birds singing everywhere. As you walk you listen more intensely for the silence - the Silence in the Silence. It is the stillness that you seek in the silence and that is the Silence in the Silence. It is the stillness that is the inner peace you seek in the silence - in that walk in the woods. So be Still and listen for the stillness wherever you are and you will find the inner peace of the "SILENCE IN THE SILENCE!"

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Up And Down The Spiral Staircase http://www.tmesickphotography.com/blog/2018/2/up-and-down-the-spiral-staircase Staircase (1 of 1)Staircase (1 of 1)

Above is an image of the Spiral Staircase in the St Augustine Lighthouse. Visitors go up and down the spiral staircase everyday, to the top and then to the bottom. This week in Parkland Florida there was another horrific school shooting where 17 innocent people lost their lives to another act of senseless violence. We have to ask "When will it all end?" One side blames it on the guns and the other side blames it on mental illness. We all share in some degree of mental illness, however, that does not warrant senseless mass killings of our brothers and sisters. Does the common ordinary citizen really need to own an Assault Rifle? It goes well beyond the scope of hunting and self protection. In the end, we end up doing NOTHING and the senseless killing continues. We need to start somewhere, take a baby step to a solution. Perhaps the answer could something so simple as if a person owns a gun they are require to take a safety course and have a legitimate mental evaluation and let us not forget to ban all Assault Rifles.  Instead we sit back as a society and do NOTHING but go 'UP AND DOWN THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE!"  


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Lent: Path Of Self Denial http://www.tmesickphotography.com/blog/2018/2/lent-path-of-self-denial Bridge (1 of 1)Bridge (1 of 1)

Today is Ash Wednesday, a day when Western Christianity begins a time of Penance and Self Denial. It is often symbolized by "Giving Up" something for the 40 days and people give up chocolate, sweets, meat, alcohol and the list goes on and on. However, if all this Self Denial does not lead to some sort of self improvement going forward, it is all for naught. Self Denial is at its best when it leads to change in our Life Style Routines. It when that change becomes like brushing your teeth every morning. It should be positive and not negative. Instead of giving up chocolate learn to eat healthier dark chocolate. Instead of giving up foods you love add a salad with your meal and eat a smaller portion each meal. Self Denial does not have to be a negative experience, but small steps in a positive Life Style Change. The path to Enlightenment begins with small steps in the right direction. Lent is a Path of Self Denial crossing the bridge to Enlightenment.

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Live Life In Every Next Instance http://www.tmesickphotography.com/blog/2018/2/live-life-in-every-next-instance Egret (1 of 1)Egret (1 of 1)

A Photograph captures a moment in time. Above is an image of an Egret ready to strike for its next meal. In the Next Instance the Egret will have its fish. We must not only live our lives day to day but live our lives from Every Next Instance to Every Next Instance. Life changes so quickly and we need an awareness of every next instance in life.  Life moves from instance to instance at a quick pace and we can miss so much around us. As an exercise focus consciously for only a couple of minutes  as you move from one thing to another, being aware of everything you do at that moment. This intense focus will help you be aware of every instance in your life. If you practice this focus, you will be on your way of "LIVE LIFE IN EVERY NEXT INSTANCE!"

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