At A Drop: A New Year Begins

December 31, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Epcot BallEpcot Ball

Tonight all over the world, a ball will drop and a New Year begins. A New Year is just a measure of time for us, for time continues day after day. What a New Year really is for us, is we pause and account for where we stand in life. Do we need to make changes for the better, are we comfortable where we find ourselves in life, and is there something undone which still must be done. A New Year brings the accounting of our journey in life and forces us at least once a year think about where we are on the journey. A New Year asks those questions we avoid, are we healthy?, are we happy?, what changes do we need to make to improve our state in life? As the New Year begins not only take the time to answer those questions, but come up with a sustainable plan to take action on those questions, for AT A DROP: A NEW YEAR BEGINS!


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