Shadow's Edge: Year's End

December 28, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Shadow StairsShadow Stairs

Above is an image of shadows across a set of stairs. It is shadows that define and give definition to objects and things. As we approach the end of another year, we find ourselves at the shadows edge of 2016. It is now at this point we begin to look back at this year before it ends and the new year begins. Our year is defined by light and shadows. The light are those events where we were illuminated and gain our zest for living, for life was good during those times. The shadows were those events when a darkness came over us and overshadowed our existence. The shadows may not have been all bad, but they were those darker moments we had to face. The year is a mixture of light and shadows. It is the shadows that give us definition and define us. If we can work thru those times, we will be a stronger person and learn those lessons that only the shadows can teach. Before this year ends, take a moment and ask what you have learned about life's journey. It is a climb up a staircase defined by shadows that stretch across it. It is the Shadow's Edge: The End of the Year!


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