The Wisdom of Graffiti

January 11, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


Walking down the steep old Historic Steps to the Savannah River, one can see warning signs that the steps are steep and are hard to walk down. The sign warns of this, but the graffiti artist adds a more realistic warning to the true experience of the steps. Cities may distain Graffiti, but Graffiti can at times better reflect the true experience of the public at large. It is a self expression that can often express what people really encounter in a given situation or express a true feeling of society that may lack a path for self expression. Graffiti may be looked upon as vandalism, but often it is a deep self expression of a segment of society. Reading Graffiti can often be amusing and funny, it can lead to us asking some of the same questions. "THE WISDOM OF GRAFFITI!


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