What's Up The Stairs?

January 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Stair CaseStair Case

Above is an image of a set of stairs in Historic Savannah Georgia leading from the River up to the street. What's up the Stairs? We really don't know until we climb the stairs and get to the top. The life we live from birth to death is a journey up a set of stairs. We never will know the end until we get to the top. All we can do is keep climbing the stairs one step at a time. As this New Year begins we do not know what is at the top of the stairs for this year, but we must continue to climb one step at a time. It is patience that leads us step by step thru life and our perseverance that we will endure the journey all the way to the top. Whatever you had planned for the New Year, or resolutions or changes in your life do not give up on them for the journey up the set of stairs has only begun. You still have not answered the question "WHAT'S UP THE STAIRS?"


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