Your Window View

January 21, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Window ViewWindow View

The Window View from our hotel room on a visit to Savannah Georgia. The Window View one gets can vary from room to room. Window Views can consist of many different things: the water, the city, the pool, or the parking lot. Lets be honest no one really wants a view of the parking lot:). We too look at the world or people in a Window View. So very often we may see the world or people in a very narrow view, just a small portion of a much larger picture. There is a much bigger picture than just a Window View. Only when you leave your hotel room and explore the city do you get a greater sense of what a place is all about. The same is true of people, for so very often we view others from a very small window. It is only when we get to know the person and hear their story, do we get a greater sense of who they are as a person. Every person has a story. Enjoy the Window View you have, but just realize there is a much bigger picture of a city, of the world, and of people beyond YOUR WINDOW VIEW!


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