Gator Undercover

October 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Gator (1 of 1)Gator (1 of 1)

An alligator goes undercover with weeds from the pond. If fact no one on the walking trail, even knew it was there. Only when it moved was the alligator noticeable. We face a lot of things undercover in life. Those little dark secrets that come out from time to time. We feel protected when we are undercover and are not vulnerable to the many forces in life. However, sooner or later we tend to give ourselves away in our journey in life, when we try and move to another spot. It is in this "movement" in life that we go from protected to vulnerable. Things just seem to come out from the cover it was hiding behind. Just be aware, that chances are you cannot go thru your entire life as a "GATOR UNDERCOVER!"


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