We Love Our Pets

October 24, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Pet Pig (1 of 1)Pet Pig (1 of 1)

While walking downtown, a woman was there with her pet pig. We often look at people by the pets they keep. We have our dog people and our cat people on the ends of the pet spectrum and then we have all the off the wall people with their unconventional pets. We size up people just by the pets they keep. Dog people are thought to be outgoing and loyal, while cat people are thought to be more aloof and quirky. Now where all the people with more unconventional pets fit in is anybody's guess. The point we often miss with pets, is we love them for their unconditional acceptance of who we are as a person. If only we could be more like our pets when it comes to other people. There would be a lot more unconditional love and acceptance of others, but that's why "WE LOVE OUR PETS!"


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