Our Vanishing World

February 15, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Phone BoothPhone Booth

Above is an image of an English Phone Booth at Epcot Disney World. We do not see Phone Booths like we use to, for they have all vanished by way  of the smart phone. Can anyone remember the last time they were in a Phone Booth? Technology has vanished so very many things that were once everyday items. Our world changes everyday around us and so many things may vanish before we realize it. While this change may be good, there is also a danger to all this change. When living things become impacted then there is a real danger to all of us. Technological change may have its benefits and when certain technologies are replaced by new technologies there is no harm done. However, when living things vanish from our World, then we should all be concerned. There is no way to replace them, for they are gone for all time. Protect the Life around us in "OUR VANISHING WORLD!"


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