Around And Around We Go

March 31, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Feris Wheel-1Feris Wheel-1

Above is an image of the Ferris Wheel at the Seattle Wharf. People love Ferris Wheels, people love to go around and around. Have you notice how much Life seems to repeat itself. I once had a teacher who said Life was Linear and not Circular. Life traveled in a line rather than traveling in a circle. I have tried to always believe that, but it seems the same things just keep coming back around again and again. We look at the society around us and the same things just keep repeating themselves. We look at History and the same events occur over and over again in different centuries. We look at our lives and we tend to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. How do we get off this Ferris Wheel? We must learn from our mistakes and our successes. It is this experienced based education that will move us forward. Our learning from experience will move us in a Linear direction. However, we do love our Ferris Wheels and we do love to go around and around, so "AROUND AND AROUND WE GO!"


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