Frustrated: A Duck Underwater

June 30, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


Frustrated? What you do is not bury yourself underwater as the two Ducks in the above image. We all get frustrated in life or about life, its all just a matter of time. The world of frustration comes in all forms, there is the world, there are people, there are situations, and there is that nothing goes according to plan. Any one of those things are going to frustrate us at one time or another. Frustration is inevitably in life and we must cope with it. When frustrated do not get angry or panic or get down on yourself, for that will lead to bad decisions. Think to yourself if it is something you can change or not change. For example if you are stuck in traffic jam on the highway and you are not near an exit, you can not change that and you just have to be patient waiting it out. If you are frustrated trying to learn something new, just give it time and learn as much as you can. If you are frustrated with your life's situation, only you can make changes to end your frustration. The best way to overcome any frustration is just be patient and work on a solution to overcome it. Whatever you do, do not become a duck underwater!


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