US versus THEM

July 07, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Two Birds-1Two Birds-1

Above is an image of two Birds competing for food. We have been led to believe that competition is healthy, but when competition leads to an US versus THEM mentality, it is detrimental to our species. We have seen this US versus THEM mentality throughout our human history. We see it between countries, races, nationalities, religions, political beliefs,  ethnic groups, and even in the sports teams we root for no matter the sport. It leads to wars and all sorts of human atrocities. The problem with US versus THEM, is the US is always right and the THEM is always wrong, no matter what. It you are on the US side you are correct and right and the THEM is just plain wrong. The problem is, that in reality no one is really THEM, for you see every THEM thinks they are an US. The THEM does not really exist, for if anyone who thinks our thinking is wrong they are a THEM, but to THEM, we are a THEM, for everyone thinks they are an US and are 100% right. If all this seems confusing, you are right and that is the reason our World is so screwed up and dysfunctional. The only solution out of this chaos of US versus THEM mentality is to begin to think of US and THEM as "WE"!


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