Footprints In Snow

January 17, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Footprints in Snow (1 of 1)Footprints in Snow (1 of 1)

We leave Footprints everywhere we walk. We leave them in the sand on the beach, and we leave them in the snow. They disappear pretty quickly in the sand where they are quickly covered up or washed away. However, the snow is different, for if it stays cold the footprints can remain for quite awhile. The impact of our lives are those footprints left behind. Will our lives be like the footprints in the sand which quickly disappears or will our footprints be like the ones left in snow on a cold day which will last awhile before they disappear? The path we choose to walk in life will determine what footprints we leave behind for others. Choose the path which your footprints lasts the longest: "FOOTPRINTS IN THE SNOW!"


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