The Desire To Be Heard

January 10, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Christmas Tree (1 of 1)Christmas Tree (1 of 1)

  We all have an uncanny desire to be heard. Birds sing, dogs bark, cats meow, and all animals make some sort of sound. We for our part make speeches and we write. The number of Blogs on the internet is proof of our desire to be heard and voice our opinion. It seems we can tolerate silence for so long and then we burst out to be heard. The problem with being heard is someone has to listen and that seems to be our main problem. We become so focused on what we want to say, we forget to listen. It is in the wisdom of silence that we first learn to listen, only then when  we let our voices ring that we have the voice of wisdom in what we say. As we begin a New Year forget about the weight loss resolution for a moment and learn to listen in silence, then when we speak, what we have to say may reflect the wisdom of our silence. We will never lose our desire for speeches and blogs for we all possess "THE DESIRE TO BE HEARD!"


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