When The Unimportant Becomes The Important

January 20, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Sea Grass (1 of 1)Sea Grass (1 of 1)

When we think of all the problems we face in life, our biggest problem and flaw is When The Unimportant Becomes The Important. It is something we just cannot stop ourselves from doing. We get fixated on things that simply are unimportant. Our focus on the unimportant stops us from focusing on the important things. We see this throughout our society, whether it is the government, our justice system, our medical institutions, our churches, and even in our jobs. Unimportant things takes precedence over things that are vital and important. The way we overcome this flaw is to start with ourselves and ask ourselves the question of how important is what I am focused on? I am sure we will find more important things to worry about. It is imperative that we overcome the flaw of "WHEN THE UNIMPORTANT BECOMES THE IMPORTANT!"


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