Words Of Wisdom

January 24, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Words of Wisdom (1 of 1)Words of Wisdom (1 of 1)

The one thing we all seek in life is Words of Wisdom. Words in which we can live our lives by. In the past seekers would seek out the holy person to give them those words. Today we still do the same thing, but Words of Wisdom can be found almost everywhere. Words of Wisdom can be like a Spectrum which expands all our facets of living. There are the Spiritual Words whose wisdom is timeless in any generation and then there are those Words of Wisdom which are humorous as in the above photo. Seek out those Words of Wisdom that help you make it thru tough days, thru the hardships in life, thru those times of happiness, and thru those times you can empower others. Live your life thru those "WORDS OF WISDOM!"


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