And The Weeds Attracts Butterflies

May 11, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

About 2 years ago our city sent out letters to homeowners telling us to re-sod our yards with lawn grass as we were in a drought and our yards were not green. It may be nice to have a green lawn, but lawn grass does very little to support the wildlife in the area. Above is an image of a butterfly on a dandelion flower. Dandelions are considered a notorious lawn weed. However, they attract butterflies and bees and give more back to the wildlife than the green lawn grass. Moral of the story is simply....."AND THE WEEDS ATTRACTS BUTTERFLIES!"

The Jaws Of Fear

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Above is an image of the jaws of a crocodile. The sharp teeth, the knowledge of its behavior as a predator strikes fear at the sight of the reptile. Our first response is always a negative one, we fear the worst at the sight of the creature. In fact so many of our first responses to things in life is negativity and fear. Perhaps its just our fallen nature or some primordial instinct  that we always fear the worst and react so negative to situations. Imagine if we started to react on a positive note and let fear not be our first thought, how life would change. Yes, it is hard to break from negative thinking and the jaws of fear but it can be done with time and patience. Start now to first react on the positive side of situations and break "JAWS OF FEAR!"

Feeling Unwanted

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Above is an image of two Anhingas making a third Anhinga feeling very unwanted. We have most likely experienced that feeling at some point in our life. Feeling unwanted may come from any number of factors; race, nationality, religion, or just being different. It is always a very unpleasant feeling. One thing we can all do to improve the human race is to make people feel wanted. We must put aside our differences and find the things we all have in common. There is not a worse feeling than "FEELING UNWANTED!"

Walking The Path To Peace

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The Path to Peace is a very simple one. Peace follows the truth. Walking the path to peace is not that simple. We must follow the truth. There is no Us vs Them, Those People, or the other side. In walking the path to peace there is no war, there is no revenge, there is no hatred, only the truth and the truth is a very narrow path. One cannot stop to rest or get off the path. The question that must be asked on the path to peace is "What is the Truth? That has to be discovered for each person and that is why it is so hard "WALKING THE PATH TO PEACE!

Easter: Seed Of New Life

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Above is an image of a Seed, which contains all that is necessary for new life. When it is buried in the ground, new life will arise. Today we celebrate Easter when Jesus Christ rises from the grave. Christians believe that he gives us new life after being buried in a grave. He is a seed that was planted in the ground and rises to a new life not only for himself but for everybody. Even if you are not a Christian the thought of new life after death migrates thru most religions. The idea exists in nature, just look at the seed. "EASTER: SEED OF NEW LIFE!"

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