A Leaf Of A Different Color

October 19, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Above is an image of a Leaf of a Different Color. The brown color of the leaf tells us its life is spent. Colors in nature can tell us a lot of information about where things stand. A brown leaf means the leaf is dead, yellow and orange leaves tells us Fall is here and winter is on the way, and green leaves tell us the leaf and the plant or tree is healthy and alive. Reading the signs of nature can give us a status report on life. We need the same self awareness when it comes to reading the signs in our own lives. There are situations in life that are brown leaves, dead, lifeless and there are leaves of yellow or orange that tell us change is coming. Finally the green leaves tell us life is healthy and vibrant. Read the signs of life in your own life, it is as simple as "A LEAF OF A DIFFERENT COLOR!"

Expecting The Unexpected

October 12, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Walking the nature trails in Florida, you will often see Anhingas fishing the the water, however, when one catches a fish you have your shot. Nature Photography is often "Expecting the Unexpected." However, many areas in life also  have the theme expecting the unexpected. You see it sports, you get an unexpected job opportunity, an inheritance comes from a distant relative, or you have everything go right that day. We do see the unexpected in life. One thing we need to do more in life as in Nature Photography is walking through life "EXPECTING THE UNEXPECTED!"

Symbols Of The Season

October 05, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

What a better symbol for the Fall Season than the Pumpkin. It speaks to us of the season where one picture paints a thousand words. Symbols are so powerful in our lives. They speak without words to get their meanings across. They are simple. They are known by both young and old. They spark memories in our lives. Symbols are what we should strive to become in our lives. Speak without words, simple and fond memories of what we bring to people. Look at a pumpkin and remind yourself to become "SYMBOLS OF THE SEASON!"

Finding Your Own Rock

September 28, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Above is an image of a water Turtle that has found its own rock and there it sits sunny itself, keeping a watchful eye on life all around it. We could learn from the Turtle about finding our own rock. Our rock is our safe place, where we can relax and watch life go by free from harm. Our Own Rock may be many things, it could be a form of spirituality, it could be a sport, it could be a hobby,  it could be a person, a place, or a time in our life where we flourished. Do spend time finding your Own Rock, you can find as many as you can the better. Once you have found it, there you can sit and keep a watchful eye on life. The trick is "FINDING YOUR OWN ROCK!"

Acknowledging The Seasons

September 21, 2021  •  Leave a Comment

Today is the first day of Fall. It is a change of Season. In our modern existence we tend not to acknowledge the changing of the seasons as we once did. The seasons are markers during the year and have their own life about them. Seasons remind us that life changes, it does not stay the same, but is constantly moving. Fall brings with it cooler temperatures, shorter days, and plants put forth their fruits before the winter as a time of harvest. Today spend some time and look at how the season is changing life. "ACKNOWLEDGING THE SEASONS!"