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How AT&T ALMOST Ruined Christmas

December 26, 2012  •  Leave a Comment


It was just a few weeks before Christmas

And I Thought just for a minute

To get my wife the I Phone 5 for Christmas

I went to the AT&T Store and there met the salesman

I told him it was a Gift & not to active the phone or any transmittals

After I got home about a week plus one

My wife received an awful message, if she wanted Auto Assistance

She was quick to call and found we had an I Phone 5 with my son's number

A quick call and he had to lie, something he knew not to do

He bought the I Phone 5 all the way from China

Now on Christmas my wife was still surprised

but not with the help of AT&T

So they could not keep Christmas from coming

but boy did they sure try!


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