In A Bad Place But A Good Situation

March 16, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Caged Above is an image of a Jaguar I took at the Palm Beach Zoo. He wandered up to the fence and I was able to capture this close up Portrait.  When you looked into his eyes that day, one could tell he wanted to be free, wander where he wanted to go, hunt for his own food, and be anywhere but in the cage. He was in a BAD PLACE. However, if he looked at his situation, he was in a GOOD SITUATION. He did not have to worry about hunters, his jungle would not be turned into a parking lot, he would be given food everyday, and he would get medical care for illnesses. He was in a BAD PLACE BUT A GOOD SITUATION. Many times in our lives we may find ourselves in a bad place, whether it is an illness, a job loss, a family crisis, or financial woes. However, we must look beyond the bad and see if there is good in the situation. It is being aware of the good that will give us the strength  to endure the BAD PLACE. If you find yourself IN A BAD PLACE BUT A GOOD SITUATION you will have hope.


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