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Roots-1 Have you ever said "I will not be like my parents."  I know I have made an effort not to be like mine and they were not bad people, but I do not want to mirror the way they lived their lives.  We cannot live in the past this is true, but we cannot forget our ROOTS.  It is our Roots that have determined our present moment and it is our Roots that will help shape our future.  We all want to be daring, creative, and original.  We all want to do things in a new way.  But unless we return over and over again to the basics, we will not be able to be daring, creative, and original.  DO NOT FORGET YOUR ROOTS!!!  Above is an image of the roots of a Bonsai Tree, which go every which way.  It is up to us to find the right root to lead us to where we want to be.


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