Are You a Bud Or A Flower?

May 04, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Azalea In the beginning a Flower is just a Bud, it does not show its true flower. It does not attrack  bees or butterflies or can it become fruit. Only when it opens can one see its true beauty. When a flower opens to reveal its center only then do you smell the aroma or have  the nectar to share with bees and butterflies.

Like the flower our own beauty as a person comes when we open up to our inner center. Our beauty as a person has nothing to do with our appearance or our occupation. Our special qualities must come from our inner center. We must open and bloom to reveal our inner centers. We must follow the path of the flower. We will bud, we must bloom, wither, seed, and eventually fall. Above is an image of an Azalea budding. Are You a Bud or a Flower?  True beauty only comes from within.


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