Are You A Warrior Or A Sage?

May 22, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Samurai Sword Above is an image of a Samurai Sword. It was a weapon used by Samurai Warriors in Japan.  A Samurai  took everyone they met as a potential adversary. They would assess the strengths and weaknesses of each person they met. The Samurai Warrior would then seek to eliminate and defend the vulnerabilities that they possessed. The warrior was prepared for combat and the possibility of death in each conflict. In contrast, the Sage accepts everyone as part of their lives and puts up no defense when meeting a person. The Sage does not worry about strengths and weaknesses but teaching the proper path in life, because they know there is an existence beyond this life. The Sage is superior to the Warrior for there is no fear of death.

Throughout history society has always followed the warrior. For example our System of Justice is adversarial in practice. Our Businesses assesses strenghts and weaknesses in its competition and engages in combat with competitors. We are warriors when we meet people until we let our guards down. Yet, the superior way of the Sage barely makes it into our thinking. We do not approach others with openness and no fears to our well being.

However, unfortunately there are times when we must be the warrior in life. Situations of justice, protection, honor and righteousness demand we act like a warrior. So what are we to do? Be the Warrior when you MUST and be the Sage when you CAN. The question is: the next person you meet are you going to be the Warrior or the Sage?



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