Chaos To Confusion

May 18, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Tulip Above is an image of a Tulip. At first glance the colors, shape, and form maybe chaotic, but then it may become confusing, but  hopefully it all comes together and makes sense that it is a Tulip. We all want life to move from its chaos to our perfect plan, but all too often it moves from chaos to confusion, because our plans never quite go the way we plan. Life is often a movement from Chaos to Confusion. Our best made plans just seems to never go as we so meticulously plan. For example, if one plans an outdoor wedding and there is no backup plan in case it rains, it could spell complete chaos if it rains. However, if one makes a backup plan, it maybe confusing at first, but hopefully everything will fall into place. Life with all its many elements can be chaotic and it may never go as we plan, but if chaos becomes confusion and we are open to its diversity, all will be well.


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