Dark Clouds

May 01, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Inlet The other day I was watching the sky and notice there were dark clouds, but they were surrounded by light.  As I went about my day and problems arose, I became so focused on the problems, I missed all the other things going on around me.  Then the scene from earlier in the day came to mind and I realized I was so focused on my problems (DARK CLOUDS), that I failed to recognize all the good positive things happening that day (LIGHT SURROUNDING THE CLOUDS). The lesson I learned was we can focus on the DARK CLOUDS of our lives and miss the LIGHT (good positives) that surrounds the Dark Clouds. Above is an image of a sunrise over the Boynton Inlet. During your day try to focus on the light in your day and not the Dark Clouds in your day. You will see more good days than bad days if you do!


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