Prey & Predator

July 06, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Swamp Scene (1 of 1) Above is an image of an Egret and an Alligator. At the moment both animals are Predators, the Egret preying on fish and the Alligator preying on anything it wants to. However, that dynamic could change at any moment, if the Alligator decided to to prey on the Egret, then the Egret would become prey. The Prey and Predator dynamic occurs all the time in nature and can change in a moments notice, when Prey becomes Predator or Predator becomes Prey. In our lives that same dynamic occurs on a daily basis also. Just walk into any Car Dealership and watch how fast you become Prey! We too become Prey to Predator and Predator to Prey depending on a given situation. How to act in each role is critical. As Prey your defenses are to run, use camouflage, hide, or become unassuming to escape the Predator. As a Predator your defenses are speed, stealth, camouflage, and quick action to catch the Prey. In life we will find ourselves in situations where we are either  Prey or Predator. Know how to act as both, so no matter what role you find yourself in, you will have success.


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