The Value of Old

July 10, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Old Bonsai (1 of 1) Above is an image of my "Oldest" Bonsai Tree. This tree is 26 years old. I bought it in 1986 and it has been thru some tough times in it's life. The worst thing that happen to this tree, was during a cold snap, I brought it inside the house to protect it from the cold. After the cold weather had passed, I forgot to take it back outside. The tree turn brown and looked completely dead. I was so heartbroken with what had happened, I could not bring myself to throw it away, instead, I unpotted  the tree and just placed it on a tray in the yard. After about 2 months when the weather began to warm up, the Bonsai began to show growth and I  realized that it was alive and had come back from its death experience. It is funny in life that certain old things have value and certain old things do not. Bonsai Trees and Wine seem to grow in value as they get old and other things like electronics and cars do not. It is important as we grow older each day, that old has value. When we are 20, 40 seems old, when we are 40, 60 seems old, and when we are 60, 80 seems old. Like my Bonsai Tree, we need to appreciate the "the value of old", for no matter where we are on the age scale there will always be older, and one day we will get to be that old.


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