Don't Be A Jellyfish

July 31, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Jellyfish (1 of 1) The above image is of a Jellyfish in the National Zoo in Washington D.C. The Jellyfish is a beautiful and fascinating sea creature and has been around for about 650 million years. Another interesting fact is Jellyfish have NO BRAIN, NO HEART, AND NO BONES. They move around either by propulsion or they just drift in the sea and react to food or danger by just nerve impulses. Unfortunately, there are people who are Jellyfishes. Just turn on the Local or National News and you will see people acting like they have no brains, no heart, and no backbone for doing the right thing. Reaping misery on those around them. Like the Jellyfish, they show us you can live a life with no brains, heart, or spine. They drift thru life just reacting on nerve impulses. These are the people who are thoughtless, heartless, and spineless. In life, we must use the gifts we have been given, use your brain to be wise, use your heart to be compassionate, use your spine to do what is right. DON'T BE A JELLYFISH!


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