Software Redundancy

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Repeating Pattern (1 of 1)Repeating Pattern (1 of 1)Repeating Pattern (1 of 1)

Have you ever noticed how many computer programs repeat what other programs do? In Photography we have a litany of software programs that all do basically the same thing, with each one claiming to do it faster and better. However, in Photography it all starts with Photoshop, the mother ship of photo editing, which can do just about everything except make an out of focus photograph sharp (though they are working on that). After Photoshop there are what is called Plugins, which are various programs which can complement certain "Photoshop Effects", making it simplier and easier to apply an "effect" to a photograph. This is where you find Software Redundancy in Photography. You have countless Programs that can sharpen a photo, blur the backgrounds, and apply a myriad of effects. Not only are they redundant amongst themselves, but they are redundant to what Photoshop can do. In the long run Photoshop can do everything a Plugin can do, but maybe not as fast. However, all these Plugins do basically the same function to some extent and the whole process becomes Redundant, for how many of something do you need to do the same thing. This process is repeated in other Computer Software Categories. The problem with Software Redundancy is we think we need all these software programs when in reality we don't. Avoid buying computer software that repeats what you can already do. Buy what is unique. Save your money, keep your life to the simple path, avoid SOFTWARE REDUNDANCY.


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