The Photo Philosopher

October 29, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I here at TMesick Photography have now dubbed myself "The Photo Philosopher." I felt the title was keeping with the photography I was producing and the nature of my "Blog Posts". Once you start doing something over and over again, you begin to get a sense of what it is and where it is going. Once you see the direction you are headed, it can take on a name. The website address is still the same and TMesick Photography is stll the same, however, The Photo Philosopher is like a mission statement. A Photograph can capture a single moment in time, whether it is a person, an animal, a scene, or a place. The timelessness of a photograph is in the here and now, before it was taken it was in the future, after it is taken it is in the past. A Photograph captures a moment of life we can look back upon. All of Life is a Photograph  -The Photo Philosopher-


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