The Thinker

October 18, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

The Thinker (1 of 1)The Thinker (1 of 1)The Thinker (1 of 1)

Have you noticed that our idea of Deep Thought is often based on the image of the statue figure "The Thinker" (image above). A man sitting with his head bowed and eyes cast down. His hands are held to his forehead as he is deep in thought. In a world now with instant access to information on the Internet, does the idea of Deep Thought cross our minds anymore? It is so easy to look up facts on just about anything on the Internet. However, those Facts never answer those deeper questions in life. Questions like Life, Death, Suffering, Sorrow, Joy, and Happiness must be answered and brought to their own terms by each of us. They are subjective questions that only we can answer for ourselves. They can only be answered thru Deep Thought. So, Sit Down, Bow Your Head, Cast your eyes down, and put your hands to your Forehead, and become "THE THINKER."


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