There Is Always A Choice

February 16, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Produce Stand (1 of 1)

Above is an image of a Produce Stand at Pike Place Market in Seattle. If you ever visit the area it is a great place to shop and there are so many choices! I am sure you have heard people say "But I had no Choice" when it comes to some decisions, but this simply is not true. There is always a Choice, even if it is "you do nothing" or "you don't make a decision", it is still a choice. One must be conscience to the fact that your choice will affect the outcome in the future. For example, whatever you buy from the above Produce Stand will affect what you can cook for dinner, what dishes can be made or not made, and the types of food to go along with the choices you made. There are larger issues your choices can affect, what you study in college will affect the job you get, who you marry will affect the family you become, where you live will affect the environment you find yourself in, and even what direction your house faces the sun will affect how you live in your house. As you can see, Choices whether they are simply, little, big, or complicated will impact your life. Even a non-decision is still a choice. THERE IS ALWAYS A CHOICE, SO MAKE YOUR CHOICES WISELY.


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