Alien Invasion? We Are Already Invaded

June 18, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Phone Invasion (1 of 1)

UUUGGGHHH! I just realized I forgot my Phone at the restaurant we were at. If that has happen to you, you know the panic feeling you get. It seems your whole life is on that Phone. Your Past (Photos), Your Present (Emails, Facebook), and Your Future (Appointments). A quick Phone call from my wife's phone and they have it at the counter. You quickly turn the car around and speed back to the restaurant and pick up the Phone. Whew! that was close. Do you get the feeling that our Smart Phones have INVADED our lives. You see people carrying them, walking and talking on them, driving and talking on them, out with their family and on them. Alien Invasions are a hot topic in Hollywood and on TV. It seems Movies and TV have Aliens trying to take over the earth every week. Yet, if you think about, our Smart Phones have already taken over us. It seems we can"t live without them or go anywhere without them. The Truth is we do need our Smart Phones, but never let it take us over to the point where we forget about others or what is really important in life!


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