Off Center

June 14, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

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One of the basic composition rules in Photography is to put your main subject Off Center. It is refered to as the Rule of Thirds. It creates a more dynamic image for the viewer. If your subject is in the center of the image, the image is said to be static. Yet, in our lives we hear that we must keep to the center. We must center ourselves to be a balanced person. If we are centered in our lives does that mean we are static or non-dynamic? Do we find people who are off center more interesting? Many times we do. The good news is very few of us have achieved that center in life, we may be closer than some, but the dynamic of striving to the center is what makes life and people interesting. If you do achieve the center of something in life, then begin a new adventure of striving for the center in something new. If you are a dynamic person, life will always be interesting. To be a little Off Center is not detrimental to life!


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