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Beach (1 of 1)Beach (1 of 1)Beach (1 of 1)

If you have ever been to the West Coast of Florida, you know the Sunsets are spectacular. Every evening on the Beach, a crowd will gather and watch the sun go down, taking in the Sunset. Right after the sun sets, the crowd then leaves. If they would wait some fifteen or twenty minutes more, they would enjoy the TWILIGHT, that period between Sunset and Darkness. The above image illustrates the awe of TWILIGHT on the beach. What Twilight shows us, is Nature is not cut and dry all the time. There are periods of subtleness, where there is a slow graduation from one period of the day to the next. Nature does have its extremes, but it also has its subtle graduation from one phase to another. What we learn from the twilight is that after a spectaular sunset in life, there can be a beautiful period of subtle transition. Try never to leave right after your spectaular Sunset, wait just a little bit longer for your subtle TWILIGHT.


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