Your Creative Style

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In any Creative Field, one is often asked "What is your Style?" Whether it is Photography, Painting, Pottery, Sewing, Quilting, Scrapbooking, Dancing, Music or any creative field, people want to know what is "Your Creative Style?" In any creative field we are told we have to have our own style, that is what makes us different, that is what distinguishes us from the next person. There is alot of advice on why you need your own "Style",  but very little on how to achieve your own "Style." Once you get to that side of the equation, you hear things, like: "it will come in time", "you will see it when you get there", and "just keep doing what you are doing."  It all seems very nebulous and not clear cut at all. The reason for this is Your Creative Style is YOU. It is the road you have traveled in life, it is the people you love, the people who are no longer in your life,  all the things that inspire you, your hates, your heartbreakes, your joys, your victories, your defeats. It is all of the life experiences that has gone into you. Do you need "Your Own Creative Style", yes you do, that is what makes your creativity "yours". How do you acheive your "Style?", it is the road you have traveled in life and the road you are about to travel thru life, that is YOUR CREATIVE STYLE!


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