Hate Never Yet Dispelled Hate...Buddha

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The full quote of this saying from Buddha's Teaching is:

In this world

Hate never yet dispelled hate.

Only Love dispels hate.

This is the law,

Ancient and inexhaustible

Buddha said these words some 2500 years ago and to this day the world has ignored the wisdom of this teaching. The world is full of hate, nations hate nations, countries hate countries, religions hate religions, cities hate cities, and people hate people and it gets even worse, nations hate groups inside the nation, countries hate groups inside the country, and religions hate groups inside the religion. Hate has permeated our world as a cancer and has spread to every part of our makeup. Only Love can end the hatred and stop the spread of this spiritual disease which has infected every part of our world. Only Love can dispel the hate and end this madness in which we find ourselves. Put an end to HATE: when you wake up, Love each day, Love each hour,  Love each minute, Love each second, only then will the sickness of Hate end, for ONLY LOVE DISPELS HATE!


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