Iceberg Dead Ahead!

February 01, 2014  •  Leave a Comment


Icebergs are an amazing natural wonder. Ice on land made from freshwater breaks off and floats in a body of water. The iceberg and the body of water are essentially the same substance: water. Icebergs wreck havic and cause all sorts of problems for ships. Icebergs are symbolic of our problems in life. They fall and float into our lives and cause havic. Essentially, we are the cause of most of our own problems. Our problems are made of the substance of who we are when we fail ourselves. We need to think before we take action, watch what we say, never act or speak in anger. If we can do this, so many of our problems can be prevented. If not our problems like an iceberg will fall and float into our lives wrecking havic. ICEBERG DEAD AHEAD.


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