Live Life Slowly

February 08, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Tortoise (1 of 1)Tortoise (1 of 1)Tortoise (1 of 1)

The Turtle or Tortoise has long been a symbol of longevity and wisdom. They even out live us. What is their secret? They LIVE LIFE SLOWLY. Turtles and Tortoises do not hurry from place to place, they walk slowly, they eat slowly, and everything they do, they do slowly. We on the other hand, run place to place, are always on the go, order fast food, and have no patience in our busy lives. We all have to slow our lives down. The fast pace, stressed out, always on the go, is not good for our well being. If we could only follow their example, our lives would be longer and we would be wiser for it. Well, I have to run:). LIVE LIFE SLOWLY!!!


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