The End Of One Path Leads To The Beginning of A New Path

February 05, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

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There are many old sayings of wisdom and one of them is "The End of One Path Leads to the Beginning of a New Path." So often in life's journey, we come to an end of a path. It could be our education, our career, where we live, a relationship, if we have to move to a new area, how we may think about a topic, but we all face change in life and have to deal with it. We Don't Like Change. When we find ourselves facing a new Path there is a certain amount of fear and apprehension, but there are several things we can do. First, is to think of all the positives the Path has to offer, Second, educate ourselves on whatever the Path maybe, Third, accept that we can deal with all life has to offer us if we put our fears aside. Finally, our Path constitutes the decisions we have made on our old path, so on the new one learn from our past mistakes.


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