Hurt Stacked Upon Hurt

July 15, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

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Do you know someone or are you experiencing Hurt Stacked Upon Hurt. Its when life throws what would seem one bad thing your way after another in a short period of time. We all have experience things not going our way but when when we see someone have hurt stacked upon hurt, it makes us wonder how someone can get through the experience. The Hurt can come in relationships, health, job loss, finanicial loss, death of a loved one, bad luck, or the combination of all those things. This is the kind of Hurt in life that you will always remember, just think back and you will quicky recall those times no matter how long ago it happened. You never forget it. What we must do at these times is remember we are tougher than what we think, we realize that we can survive what seems overwhelming, and when all the Hurt is over, we emerge stronger than we were. Finally, we must not dwell on the total Hurt in our life, but resolve the hurt and pain one layer at a time. We can all get thru those times when HURT IS STACKED UPON HURT!


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