Is Your Life A Wash Rag?

July 25, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Wash Rag (1 of 1)Wash Rag (1 of 1)Wash Rag (1 of 1)

Have you ever wondered about the life cycle of a Wash Rag. When you examine what we do, it is pretty illogical what we do with our Wash Rags. They start out dry hanging on the towel rack, then we get them wet and put soap on them to clean ourselves. After wetting and soaping them numerless times to wash ourselves, at some point we proclaim them dirty, although we clean ourselves with the soap and water we put on them. After that we throw it in the washer with you guess it, soap and water to get it clean, then we throw it in the dryer to dry it, even though our full intent is to get it wet and start the cycle all over again!!!!!! It is my hope that we are not applying this same logic in living our lives and catch ourselves when we do in what seems like a senseless redundant cycle. However, in our lives we can be living in a Wash Rag cycle, we get up for work, go to work, and come home from work, day after day in what seems like a senseless redundant cycle. In order to break this cycle, we must begin to live from moment to moment, think of things you would like to do and do them. Take vacation time at work if you can or on your days off, get out and do something you always wanted to do. Break up your Wash Rag Life Style!!!!!!!


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