Living On The Water

July 04, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Boats (1 of 1)Boats (1 of 1)Boats (1 of 1)

Ever since civilization began people have been living on the water. In fact large concentrations of the world's population live on the coast. There is something about living on the water that attracts us. You will pay more money for property on the water. What is so special about living on the water? is it the beauty? is it the calming? is it being near a food source? or is it adventure is just a boat trip away? The answer is all those reasons drive people to live on the water. However, the deeper reason perhaps is that inate in all of us is the knowledge that water is a Life Source. We cannot live without water and being near it, is a comfort. We all cannot afford to live on the water, but we can spend time near the water. Discover your basic Life Source, living on the water.


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