Who We Are - Or NOT

July 01, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Three Statues (1 of 1)Three Statues (1 of 1)Three Statues (1 of 1)

Who We Are? is a question we will spend our entire life trying to figure out. We spend our lives taking on different quests in hopes of answering that very question of defining Who We Are? However, there is a different approach we rarely think of, an artist who sculpts statues when looking at the block of stone before them, cannot add to the stone, but slowly must remove the excess stone to reveal the vision the artist had inside the block of stone from the very beginning. In the same way, we can discover Who We Are? by removing the excesses of Who We Are NOT? in our lives, thereby revealing Who We Are?  Trimming away the excesses of Who We Are NOT? will leave us with our true selves. It becomes not a question of addition to our lives, but a question of subtraction in our lives. Only you can answer the question of Who You Are? or Who You Are NOT?


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