True Love's Kiss

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In the movie "Maleficent", the young Fairy Maleficent starts off with a carefree and happy life. However, when she encounters our human world, she experiences betrayal, greed, ambition, the heartache of love and ulitimately loses her wings to an ambious friend. In this process she no longer believes in True Love's Kiss. She becomes a villian, but has a change of heart when she watches Sleeping Beauty, whom she cursed, grow up before her eyes. She can only save Sleeping Beauty from her curse by True Love's Kiss and her unbelief only becomes belief when she comes to the self realization when she says to herself "I was so lost in hatred and revenge". We too follow this Fairy Tale in our lives. Once upon a time we were innocent and carefree, but our encounter with our world of betrayal, greed, ambition, and the heartache of love leaves us in hatred and revenge for all the wrongs we suffer. Only when we realize that we are LOST in hatred and revenge can we make things right again. Watch a wedding and you will see for just a moment "True Love's Kiss". If we put away our hatred and the need for revenge, we too can awaken once more to TRUE LOVE'S KISS!


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