The Monarch Butterfly Needs Your Help

February 25, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Monarch Butterfly (1 of 1)Monarch Butterfly (1 of 1)Monarch Butterfly (1 of 1)

The Monarch Butterfly is in need of your help. Over the past 20 years the population of Monarch Butterflies has declined by 90%, and each year there seems to be less and less of them. Researches say there are only about 33 to 35 million butterflies left. Now that may seem like a large number, but in insect world that is not a big population at all. One problem is their natural habitat is being over developed and destroyed, commerce loves all those parking lots. Another problem is their host plant the Milkweed, so common in the wild, is being destroyed by herbicides being used in the landscape. What can you do? First, as you plan your Spring Garden, plant some Native Milkweed plants and allow the Monarchs to breed. Second, avoid using herbicides and pesticides that contain a chemical GMO. Third, support efforts to keep natural wild landscapes from being developed into concrete and asphalt jungles. Let us keep the Monarch Butterflies alive with us and not allow them to disappear. FOR THEIR WAY IS OUR WAY!


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