Can You Over Water A Water Lily?

June 30, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Waterlily (1 of 1)Waterlily (1 of 1)Waterlily (1 of 1)

One of my favorite flowers is the Water Lily. Here is an image of a Water Lily from my pond. This year they are blooming one right after another. What I find so curious about a Water Lily is the fact you cannot over water a Water Lily. Water Lilies can dry out from a lack of water, but can you really over water one? By their very nature they have chosen this extreme aqueous environment. Water Lilies are what they are and cannot be what they are not. A Water Lily accepts its life in water and does not desire to be a Cactus. So very often in life we find people wanting us to be who we are not. It may be a role they want us to play, a title we must fulfill to their preconceived notions, or simply they want us to be something we just are not. We spend our lives trying to find out who we are, yet sometimes the starting place is to find out who we are not. It is a journey we must make on our own being guided by the wise voices of life.  Do not bend to the voices calling you to be who you are not, but accept who you are and accept who you are not. CAN YOU OVER WATER A WATER LILY?


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