Danger Lurking

July 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Aligator (1 of 1)Aligator (1 of 1)Aligator (1 of 1)

On a recent walk in a Florida Nature Preserve, I saw an Alligator in the distance and it began to swim right straight at me. Luckly, I was on a boardwalk and out of harms way. So often we see the news or read the paper and realize that Danger is Lurking all around us. More and more we see stories of hate, anger, and greed which is randomized towards innocence people just going about their eveyday lives. It can happen anywhere or at any time. It is sad that the world is fill with such hateful, angry, greedy people, but it is what it is. Like the life in the nature preserve, we must be ever alert to the predators of the world, but act in love, compassion, and forgiveness to dispel the hate, the anger, and the greed we find  living around us. Strive for the good in all of us but remember DANGER LURKING!


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