To Start Anew

January 02, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

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Happy New Year! As we begin a New Year, it is a time that we tell ourselves, To Start Anew. It is a time we make resolutions, set new goals, and are going to rid ourselves of those things that are dragging us down. We make promises to ourselves, that we will make our life better in the coming year. However, the New Year in reality is just the continuation of time, it is we who make it a stop/start point in our lives. The one thing to avoid is making the same resolutions that we never followed thru on from last year. Do you even remember what that new start was last year and how well you followed up on it? The best chance we have to change us is to start small, take little steps to our goal, and we may find more success. Too often, we take on too much at one time and become frustrated and downhearted. So as you start this New Year, start off small and build slowly as you go, it is the way TO START ANEW!


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