A Tree Planted Next To Running Water

February 27, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Running Water (1 of 1)Running Water (1 of 1)Running Water (1 of 1)

A Tree planted near running water will for the most part have almost all of its needs taken care of in its life. It finds itself an ideal spot to succeed. We must think of our goal in life to be a tree planted near running water. We must put ourselves in the best position to succeed in life. Life offers no guarantees, but if we can place ourselves in the right spot, we will face fewer issues in life. We must look for things in life that will sustain us in the long term. Our environment, our jobs, our family, and our daily activities are like a river that can give us life and bring life to us. Look for those things and plant yourself near them and remember your goal is to be A TREE PLANTED NEAR RUNNING WATER!


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